Just thought I’d share this with you all. I’ve used the Escalation Ramp at the end of the ladder successfully to get girls naked, but I can’t. What is Kino Escalation or how to get to physical intimate step by step. In this final part I want to discuss “the ladder” to physical intimacy that I mentioned. Quick Definition: A specific sequence of steps for escalating kino (touch). Full Definition: A kino escalation ladder is a sequence of physical.

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Kino Escalation Ladder | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

Study found British people were most prudish out of five countries tested1, people coloured in body maps where they were happy to be touchedA ‘touchability’ index was created based on responses relating to 13 different social groups By Fiona Macrae Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail Published: Hugging, escorting with hand on back, putting her legs over yours while sitting, holding her tummy on the side while sitting and talking, placing ldader hand on your thigh.

I got this pdf on my desktop edcalation those time when I need to brush up on escalation. ,adder she laughed, I got up, dug into my back pocket and took out a piece of napkin and wiped her face with it in an exaggerated manner as if she was really crying. Higher rungs unlock lower rungs of classes. You are commenting using your WordPress. The basic process of a kino escalation ladder is to gradually move from subtle and innocuous forms of touch, to more overt forms of kino.

Now in my case from the other night, we sat across from each other face to face on a bench, so our knees were escqlation touching. I don’t get this one.


Fingers Beyond the realm of seduction, kino touch plays a crucial escalagion in any social interaction.

They can be used in any situation where you want to quickly ramp up the level of physical contact.

After all, it’s based on our natural process of sexuality. Arm to Waist esca,ation lower back — This is a major step guys, and this is almost always wscalation clear sign to sexual interest.

Kimo you return you can place your leg up against hers again. Move hand all the way down and reach vagina. Pressing your legs against her legs definitely has a more intimate feeling since it requires your bodies to be closer together. Home Nonverbal Laddr What is it? Personally, I come from a fairly warm environment by American standards, but absolutely frigid by Latino standards. Oxford University scientists have created a series of body maps laadder show just where we are comfortable to be touched However, there was one noticeable exception.

So I touched her arm to see if her skin was also cold. Sort of like this but my legs were on both sides of her. Anti-climax and girl lost interest. So the artist is moving escalwtion the ladder, and tests the water at this stage. Walk up to a stranger and try to touch their face – they will flinch; this is why. If you are in a bad position for this, excuse yourself from the table to get a drink or visit the restroom. It’s like saying “I know what you want, but not so fast, I got you by the balls” Next time you do get it right and kiss her neck, pull back slightly and kiss her properly.


The only thing that shuts him up is when the doc hands him over to mama and he gets his first taste of kino and is like “Ahhhh, Heaven! Undo front of pants with other hand. Arm around Shoulder — it’s getting closer. Pick up artist will start with a lot of “casual” touch, and if it’s a group setting called “a set” in lacder lingo they will touch all members of the group equally. Your thoughts are good, but you’re misunderstanding the concept.

I started studying this ladder, and wanted my own version a little bit more concise so it was easier for me to remember. So what did I do? It can be even a little overwhelming if you’re not really into it.

Notify me of new posts via email. It goes for the hand, the elbow or the upper arm — a more neutral place. In this post we’ll go step by step and see how tension and closeness are gradually built, plus we’ll look at the technique pickup artists use. Legs touching while standing and sitting, brushing abdomen while talking, touching back with palm while pulling in.

Have you ever NOT felt that spark of attraction and passion And when touch feels forced Want to start a local lair? In the future her mind will associate the good feelings with your touch.


Seems I’ve been the only one recommending this left and right to newbies. As I cited above; make it brief! These people are actually quite lucky.