Hemifacial hypertrophy abbreviated as (HFH) is rare congenital disease characterized by unilateral enlargement of the head and teeth. It is classified as true. Depending on involvement of soft tissues, teeth, and bones, he further classified hemifacial hypertrophy into (a) true hemifacial hypertrophy and. Two cases of congenital hemifacial hypertrophy are described. To our knowledge , this is the first report of this syndrome in a black African population. Possible.

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Body measurements were done from the midline, and no other asymmetry was present. The patient had deferred treatment until now due to the lack of financial resources. Several instances of male-to-male transmission were observed.

Hemifacial hypertrophy: Exploring new avenues of treatment modalities

Clinical experience and safety using phosphatidylcholine injections for the localized reduction of subcutaneous fat: Noe and Berman have reviewed that fusion of two eggs following fertilization leads to hupertrophy regulative ability in two halves, and mitochondrial damage to an overripe egg leads to overregeneration [ 10 ].

The patient’s face was asymmetrical with an enlargement of the right side, including the malar, maxillary, and mandibular region. Differential ehmifacial of facial hemihyperplasia includes fibrous dysplasia, dyschondroplasia, congenital lymph edema, arteriovenous aneurysm, hemangioma, lymphangioma, neurofibromatosis, and malignant lesions osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma.

The buccal mucosa may also be involved exhibiting velvety surface and hangs in soft pendulous folds as reported by Miles [ 16 ]. Our patient presented with hemifacal enlargement of the tongue, lingual papillae, soft palate, and buccal mucosa.

New advances in liposuction technology. Rowe [ 3 ] in classified hemihypertrophy into 1 complex hemihypertrophy, involving the entire half of the body, 2 simple hemihypertrophy affecting one or both limbs, and 3 hemifacial hypertrophy. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Hemifacial hyperplasia or hemifacial hypertrophy is a rare developmental anomaly characterised by hemifackal growth of hard and soft tissues of the face 1.

CT scan of the present case demonstrated prominent facial asymmetry which was caused by the unilateral enlargement of both soft tissue structures and the underlying skeleton of the right side of the face, along with dental involvement, making this case unique in its presentation. Nose and chin were deviated with an observable arc shaped facial midlines nasion-gnathion.


Noticeable enlargement of tongue with gemifacial well-demarcated midline. The hypertroph had deviation of the mandible to the right and ‘a severe crippling malocclusion.

Dentition abnormalities are he,ifacial respect to crown size, root size, and shape and rate of development. Hemifacial hypertrophy can cause a wide spectrum of defects or may involve only muscle or bone. Appearance of symmetry, beauty, and health in human faces. Further cases need to be brought into documentation so as to have a clear understanding regarding various aspects of this disease. The criteria for the hemifacial type of congenital hypertrophy are 1 unilateral enlargement of the viscerocranium bounded superiorly by the frontal bone not including the eyeinferiorly by the inferior border of the hemifacisl, medially by the midline hypertrohpy the face, and laterally by the ear, the pinna being included within the hypertropic area, and 2 enlargement of all tissues–teeth, bone, and soft tissue–within this area Rowe, Based on clinicoradiological findings, the diagnosis of THFH was established.

Increased proliferative activity of osteoblasts in congenital hemifacial hypertrophy. The tongue enlargement has also been described to be uniform, beginning abruptly in the midline yhpertrophy excrescences resembling large fungiform papillae.

Case Presentation A thirty-nine-year-old male patient reported to the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology with a chief complaint of asymptomatic swelling in his right cheek region since birth.

Sometimes HFH may resemble cystic hygroma, especially if the lymphatic anomaly is located inferior to the jaws and in the neck region. Congenital hemihyperplasia is a rare developmental disorder characterized by unilateral overgrowth of one or more body parts resulting in marked asymmetry. Report of two cases. View at Google Scholar H.

All the muscles of mastication and the anterior belly of diagastric on the right side were enlarged with fatty infiltration Figure According to Yoshimoto et al. PA Skull showed enlargement of right half of mandible, maxilla, and zygoma Figure 7. Karpagavalli Shanmugasundaram1 V. Financial support and sponsorship Nil.


Hemifacial hypertrophy – Wikipedia

Indexed in Web of Science. Familial facial asymmetry autosomal dominant hemihypertrophy? These include vascular lymphatic, hormonal, and asymmetric development hemiffacial the neural fold, with hyperplasia of neural crest cells 3. Variations in size, shape of crowns and root of teeth, rate of development precocious developmentand number of teeth are seen.

Report of two hypertrlphy. Intraoral examination disclosed an obvious alveolar enlargement of the right maxillary and mandibular quadrants as compared to the left quadrants Figure 2. This condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner [1].

Deviation of nasal bone and chin was observed towards left side due to an obvious enlargement of overlying soft tissues on right side of the face. A generalised crossbite was present due to a prognathic mandible Figure 5. Different texture and colour variance of ipsilateral scalp hair have also been reported [ 4 ].

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Clinical and imaging gypertrophy of true hemifacial hyperplasia. In addition skeletal abnormalities such as macrodactyly, polydactyly, syndactyly, ectrodactyly, scoliosis, tilting of pelvis, and clubfoot have also been described [ 13 ].

The right pinna was larger than that of the left side. Skin over the swelling was normal with no evidence of secondary changes. Orthopantomogram OPG [ Figure 4 ] revealed an obvious diffuse enlargement of right side coronoid, condylar processes, lower border of mandible, inferior alveolar canal, jaws, and teeth macrodontia. Women are commonly affected compared to men with right side predominantly affected as in the present case.

Generally, treatment is not indicated for CHH unless cosmetic considerations are involved. Limited cases of hemifacial hyperplasia have hemkfacial documented.

Congenital hemifacial hyperplasia

The treatment modalities extend from subtle soft tissue contouring to extensive surgeries to correct the underlying bony defect and reshape the overlying hypeetrophy tissues. Journal List Case Rep Dent v. True hemihypertrophy involves not only the soft tissues of the body but the hard tissues as well.