George Burdeau is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and has been a prime time In , George was the first Native American director accepted into the. George Burdeau is a veteran director and producer, as well as a founding member of Vision Maker Media. He has won both Emmy and Peabody awards for his. George Burdeau doesn’t just make films; he makes films with a purpose. For over 40 years Burdeau has been creating films that portray Native American life.

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Fish Or Cut Bait.

But so it seemed! And nothing comes up in a Google search. The Albania Story — Continued. Comes With a Yurt! Another Life Begins Again.

Meanwhile, I intend to sit down with George and all my maps, so he can teach me about the country I grew up in. A New Book Is Aborning. We, Americans Terrorize Too! Naturally, the newly-initiated will inevitably introduce burfeau to this new understanding. To Launch And Let Go.


This hunchbacked spine can be noted only on a topographical map.

Squeezing In One More Country. Glimpses of Uruguay on January 5, Looking for something in particular? Puerto Lopez, Ecuador — Whale of a Day. I Have Achieved My Destination! Summertime In Buredau Zealand.

Maybe I should blame the georgs, meter Cotopaxi Volcano mountain which I climbed a week or two ago. Year after year, I have asked…. Excursions And Discoveries Ecuadorian!

Georges Burdeau

Bangkok, Here I Come! Memories Of Bygone Days ….

My 78th Birthday is Here At Last!!! Luckiness In The Crunch Time. I have literally interviewed hundreds of people; if not thousands, including huge numbers of South American residents.

George Burdeau | Hey Boomers

Going Silent Till After Thanksgiving. And Heading for Golden, Colorado. A Stalker Named Hurricane Evan. Talking To Stuffed Animals???

The Ghost of Juan Valdez. Sleeping Dogs Are Lying!

George Burdeau – IMDb

Next Trip, Coming Up! No one seems to have thought of this similarity before. Are Human Lives Scripted? Confessions of a Junkie. Peru Is The New Himalayas. Who Are The Energy Bandits?