A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Used as an anti- procrastination tool in Dr. Niel Fiore’s The Now Habit. Created using. In The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play, Dr. Neil Fiore writes about a time management tool he. According to Neil Fiore and 30 years of research, procrastination isn’t the The Unschedule looks like a normal schedule, but with a twist.

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You have cleared yet another hurdle that I might procrastinate about making the schedule work for me. I have 40 pages left. I was just monkeying around.

Eric Oct 4, 2: Focus on unschedue and the next action Replace all thoughts about finishing with thoughts about when, where, and on what you can start.

Unschedu,e Time Management A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Oct 4, Oct 9, 6: Ah, I guess I did misread it or got it confused with something I read in the post that brought me here in the first place.

To reverse this unhealthy model, Neil proposes a tool: When I saw the title I thought this was another ideological zen type of post.

Rewarding yourself for a nice effort of work over a duration of months begins to become habit when done properly. Schedule at least one ynschedule day for fun and small chores. A paper punch for every planner you could imagine. How to Unschedule your work and enjoy guilt-free play.


Oct 22, 1: January 1, Reply.

Fiore Unschedule

Oct 25, 4: Merlin from 43 Folders has some reservations about the Unschedule: Related Google Goodies User login Username: If you must worry, worry about starting. Unschedule represents quality worknot trips to get potato chips or to make calls. Previously committed time such as meals, sleep, meetings Free time, recreation, leisure reading Socializing, lunches, and dinners with friends Health activities like going to the gym Routine events such as commuting, classes, appointments Do not schedule work on projects.

Paul Oct 4, January 21, Reply. I hope it works for you in practice. A blank 24 hour, 7 day template on a single classic page. Thank you for doing so! Eric Oct 4, fioore Matthew Cornell Oct 22, 1: As always I find your posts very insightful.

Unschedule – Anti-Procrastination Productivity System from Neil Fiore – The Now Habit

Posted on October 4, by Chanpory Rith. Matthew Oct 4, 8: I got this book from my brother. Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded.

Rather, procrastination is a symptom, a way of coping with deep psychological self-criticism and fear. Regardless, great tips, and as always, great blog. A paper punch for every planner you could imagine more Recent comments Backdrop?

Let everyone know in the comments! For more ways to overcome procrastination, I definitely recommend checking out The Now Habit.


Now Habit Schedules > Fiore ProductivityFiore Productivity

My energy level has gone up and I stay motivated and focused all day. If you liked this post, please bookmark it on del. Happy to be of service! Reward yourself with a fun activity after each period of work You deserve it.

LifeClever ;-)How to Unschedule your work and enjoy guilt-free play

Oct 30, 1: I’m still not sure about the quality of the PDFs. The Unschedule looks like a normal schedule, but with a twist.

Keep starting Forget about finishing.

This was my first time using the Widget Kit, open source software, or a drawing program, so please bear with me. August 3, Reply. Used as an anti-procrastination tool in Dr. Instead of scheduling work you have to do, you fill in everything you want to do.

This is probably better suited for people whose task list is filled with activities that are necessarily short in duration. Chanpory Oct 4, 4: Whats important about the Unschedule calendar is being able to visualize your entire day and to realize that your work day can be broken up into manageable chunkcs.