The simple compositional structure of Evangelii nuntiandi shows the dimensions of a document that, . The Weekly Edition in English is published for the US by. Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World [Blessed Pope Paul Reissue edition (August 1, ); Language: English; ISBN This is a short summary of the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Nuntiandi” The apostolic exhortation of Pope Paul VI on December 8, , Evangelii.

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God himself can testify how much I long for each of you with the affection of Christ Jesus! The Synod has replied that the missionary proclamation never ceases and that the Church will always be striving for the fulfillment of this proclamation. Lists with This Book.

A must read for all Catholic who are called for a mission as an evangeliser. But nuntianddi are confident that despite these painful trials the activity of these apostles will never meet final failure in any part of the world. While the Church is proclaiming the kingdom of God and building it up, she is establishing herself in the midst of the world as the sign and instrument of this kingdom which is and which is to come.

This diversity of services in the unity of the same mission makes up the richness and beauty of evangelization.

Yes, the destiny of evangelization is certainly bound up with the witness of unity given by the Church. The power of evangelization will find itself considerably diminished if those who proclaim the Gospel are divided among themselves in all sorts of ways.

Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World by Pope Paul VI

Return to Book Page. The second danger is that of losing its freedom when, being cut off from the center and from the other Churches which gave it strength and englsih, it finds itself all alone and a prey to the most varied forces of slavery and exploitation. Another sign of love will be a devotion to the proclamation of Jesus Christ, without reservation or turning back.


Nuntianci serves it generously, without making it serve him. This is a great read. Liturgy Mass Divine Office Liturgical year.

The preaching likewise – and this is always urgent – of the search for God Himself through prayer which is principally that of adoration and thanksgiving, but also through communion with the visible sign of the encounter with God which is the Church of Jesus Christ; and this communion in its turn is expressed by the application of those other signs of Christ living and acting in the Church which are the sacraments.

During the Synod, the bishops very frequently referred to this truth: Lastly, the seventh dwells on the spirit of evangelizationwhich is none other than the Spirit of the Father and of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. VI, 2; VII, 1: Mathieu rated it it was ok Jul 11, AAS 57p. God can accomplish this salvation in whomsoever He wishes by ways which He alone knows.

Any partial and fragmentary definition which attempts to render the reality of evangelization in all its richness, complexity and dynamism does so only at the risk of impoverishing it and even of distorting it.

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Such obstacles are also present today, and we shall limit ourself to mentioning the lack of fervor. Is she firmly established in the midst of the world and yet free and independent enough to call for the world’s attention? Their increasing number and growing presence in society and likewise the problems assailing them should awaken in every one the desire to offer them with zeal and intelligence the Gospel ideal as something to be known and lived.


Such an adherence, which cannot remain abstract and unincarnated, reveals itself concretely by a visible entry into a community of believers. But who does not see the immense contribution that these religious have brought and continue to bring to evangelization? To drink at these ever inspiring sources without sacrificing anything of their values, and at the same time to know how to adapt oneself to the demands and needs of today- these are the criteria which will make it possible to seek wisely and to discover the ministries which the Church needs and which many of her members will gladly embrace for the sake of ensuring greater vitality in the ecclesial community.

Day by day the Lord added to their community those destined to be saved. Jesus’ last words in St. I gladly repeat what many authoritative commentators have said: Legitimate attention to individual Churches cannot fail to enrich the Church. Thanks to them she succeeds in speaking to the multitudes.

Evangelii nuntiandi – Wikipedia

Paul VI was a Marian devotee, speaking repeatedly to Marian congresses and mariological meetings, visiting Marian shrines and issuing three Marian encyclicals. It was an experience which was all the more valuable in that it enabled the Church to consolidate herself and to grow and spread. Often, even in authoritative books or manuals, in conferences or courses, evangelization is identified with Baptism, with catechesis, with the profession of faith, and, above all, with the preaching of the Gospel.

Religious, for their part, find in their consecrated life a privileged means of effective evangelization.