First published in , ‘Poetic Diction: A study in Meaning’ presents not merely a Praise for Owen Barfield: “A prolific and interesting thinker” – Times Literary. Title, Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning. Author, Owen Barfield. Edition, 2. Publisher, Faber & Faber, Length, pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. Returning always to this personal experience of poetry, Owen Barfield at the same time seeks objective standards of criticism and a theory of poetic diction in .

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I am much more versed in the assessing of verse and in the determining of its poetic quality after having read this book. Thus, it claims to present, not merely a theory of poetic diction, but a theory of poetry: Jan 11, Bill rated it it was amazing.

Dec 23, Meirizka rated it really liked it. Locke—no innate ideas all from senses For example, Barfield’s ideas about metaphor seem to me very similar to Dreyfus’ account of Heidegger’s own work: Ralph Wood’s Oxford Christians course at Baylor There is only a distinction between bad poetry and bad science.

Lewisan appreciable effect on J. I’m reading it because I have reread The Lord of the Rings 14 times, The Hobbit 8 times, Poeric silmarillion 6 to 8 times, and all of the volumes of The History of Middle-earthand other things by Tolkien between 1 and 3 times.

Anyone who is familiar with the teleological argument against narfield by natural selection can see that Barfield’s arguments here are a close cousin in the linguistic domain. Otherwise I found narfield book engaging and thought-provoking in a way that transcended the seemingly straightforward subject matter.

As well as being friend and teacher to Lewis, Barfield was his legal adviser and trustee. Loquacious as he may be, Barfield is not pedantic, though he may be perceived as such, especially upon hearing an excerpt as my father did.


Paperbackpages. He was a friend of C. I know some reading I want to do, and I may find time to read again with that additional context.

Owen Barfield – Wikipedia

Lewis dedicated his book Allegory of Love to Barfield. Psychotic Core Michael Eigen Limited preview – How can he be so nearly right and barfielc, invariably, just not right? Wesleyan University Press Amazon. He argues that all language is inherently poetic, and that poetry and metaphor are the centers of language.

This is comparable to Kant’s notion of the ” noumenal world”. Abrams’s Mirror and the Lamp ; Bodkin; Fiedler He rightly discusses poetry in terms of “a felt change in consciousness” that is accessible to us only through internal reflection. Poetry becomes a description of this experience, about how our participation with reality changes our consciousness. Using poetic examples, he attempts to demonstrate how the imagination works with words and metaphors to create meaning.

It is a fictional dialogue between a physicist, a biologist, a psychiatrist, a lawyer-philologist, a linguistic analyst, a theologian, a retired Waldorf School teacher, and a young man employed at a rocket research station.

It loses you occasionally, because Barfield is carrying on philological debates with men nobody’s heard of today, but in his time were apparently influential. I suspect it will take at least one more reading before it really sinks in. In our critical thinking as physicists or philosophers, we imagine ourselves set over against an objective world consisting of particles, in which we do not participate at all. This is little more than a textbook example of the kind of chronological snobbery that Barfield accused scientism of.

Thus the four stars.

Poetic Diction: A Study in Meaning

Trivia About Poetic Diction: Compare Barfield’s descriptions of how poetic language degenerates over time to creationists assertions of genetic degeneration. Applying Barfield’s logic to the actual fossil record rather than the linguistic fossil recordwe would expect the essence of life to keep the “essence” tangible, let’s call it DNA shall we Man and Meaningco-produced and written by G. Mar 12, John Pillar rated it really liked it. First, that he distinguishes between poetry and verse.


Fair warning, Barfield’s writing can be dense in places particularly the Appendices but the central thesis is enormously compelling and I look forward to finding further exploration of it.

Mar 23, Philip Morgan rated it really liked it. Harold Bloom, describing Poetic Dictionreferred to it as “a wonderful book, from which I keep learning a great poehic. Aristotle’s Poetics —unfamiliarity can aid contemplation For a minute, you are invited to escape into his ivory tower, sipping some brandy in a smoking jacket with him, perhaps, until you realize you are the culprit of this same “lesser” that you are, with him, mocking.

He had a profound poeic on C. Jonson and Ingenium, Exercitatio, Imitatio, and Lectio 5: I have read literary criticisms of Tolkien’s work. It is a risky many would say faulty way to begin a treatise, but, at every turn, Barfield proves entirely up to dictin task and I am well convinced that he has accomplished his goal of communicating truths clearly, deeply, and, indeed, through means of his own experiences.