Ajahn Mun. Venerable Ācariya Mun Būridatta Thera is one of the most revered forest masters of the 20th century. He is the root guru of both the. Venerable Ajahn Chah was born on June 17, in a small village near the town of Ubon Ratchathani, North-East Thailand. After finishing his basic schooling. One of the most highly revered monks in Thai history, Ajahn Mun Bhuridato revitalised the Thai Forest Tradition by living as closely to the way the hi.

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I have explained this already in the article here: Ajaan Mun — went to Wat Liap monastery immediately after being ordained inwhere he started to practice kasina -meditation, in which nun is directed away from the body.

The local villagers there asked them to stay on, and Ajahn Chah consented.

Thai Forest Tradition

The dhamma talks of Ajahn Chah have been recorded, transcribed and translated into several languages. Even then, Ajahn Mun already predicted that global warming would be a huge problem.

To make the mind still and bring it down to its basic resting level bhavanga: In the Thai Forest Tradition monks and nuns go further and observe the ‘one eaters practice’, whereby they only eat one meal during the morning.

However, even after Ajaan Mun died inTisso Uan continued to insist that Ajaan Mun had never been qualified to teach because he anahn graduated from the government’s formal Pali studies courses.

Norms of rationality were the guide to this extraction process. This modernisation included an ongoing campaign to homogenize Buddhism among the villages.

File:Portrait of Ajahn – Wikipedia

Though the Vinaya prohibits a monk from directly revealing ones own or another’s attainments to laypeople while that person is still alive, Ajaan Maha Bua wrote in Ajaan Mun’s posthumous biography that he was convinced that Ajaan Mun was an arahant. Despite the noise, Ajahn Mun told the rich man that he could hear the sound of ajann grasshopper. Ajahn Lee wrote several books which recorded the doctrinal positions of the forest tradition, and explained broader Buddhist concepts ajahh the Forest Tradition’s terms.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He died in Where are you planning on heading to after Sakhon Nakhon? For Sangha elders who have made a significant contribution to their tradition or order, the title Luang Por Thai: This succinct and direct teaching was a revelation for Ajahn Chah, and transformed his approach to practice.

Ajahn Man walked towards a flower pot and the rich man followed him. Retrieved November 1, In the course of events, other Westerners came through Wat Pah Pong. How to Make a Monk Filter in 3 Minutes.

Since the Forest Tradition had gained significant pull from the royal and elite support in Bangkok, the Thai Forestry Bureau decided to deed large tracts of forested land to Forest Monasteries, knowing that the forest monks would preserve the land as a habitat for Buddhist practice.

The Dark Side of Ajahn Mun’s Biography

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He currently resides in Myanmar but his heart sometimes floats back to Kauai, HI where he spent six months in For young children it is customary for the parent to help them scoop food into monks bowls. He was a direct disciple mjn Ajahn Mun and publicly claimed to be fully enlightened.

Views Read Edit View history. Don’t be afraid of becoming political, because the nation’s heart hua-jai is there within the treasury. This image is in the public domain in the United States because it was first published outside the United States and not published in the U.


Today his legacy lives on at a shrine and museum on the grounds of Wat Pa Sutthawat. Email required Address never made public.

The Dark Side of Ajahn Mun’s Biography – American Monk: Bhante Subhūti

In the late s Tisso Uan formally recognized the Kammatthana monks as a faction. Ajaan Mjn writes that “When we get infatuated with the human body, the skin is what we are infatuated with. Sakhon was large enough to provide the necessary food without having to kill livestock specifically for the cremation, which was attended by thousands. In the hot season ofVenerable Sumedho and a handful of Western bhikkhus spent some time living in a forest not far from Wat Pah Pong. Book a flight, train, bus, taxi or ferry in Thailand with 12Go Asia.

The customs of the noble ones ariyavamsa The Dhamma in accordance with the Dhamma dhammanudhammapatipatti. Ajaan Maha Bua was the last of Ajaan Mun’s prominent first-generation students. Laypeople from Malaysia, March 28, Before him, there was no one to teach these things. He left the monastery to help ajjahn family on the farm, but later returned to monastic life on 16 Aprilseeking ordination as a Theravadan monk or bhikkhu.

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