The LynxOS RTOS is a Unix-like real-time operating system from Lynx Software Technologies (formerly “LynuxWorks”). Sometimes known as the Lynx Operating . LynxOS® is a deterministic, hard real-time operating system that provides POSIX-conformant APIs in a small-footprint embedded kernel. LynxOS provides. LynxOS is one of two real time operating systems (RTOS) developed and marketed by. LynuxWorks of San José, California. LynxOS is a mature operating .

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The dynamic device drivers are hardware access routines for optional devices on the target system. It also contains file system mount points for all other file systems used by any VM Virtual Machine. Hence, where other real-time operating systems rely on unprotected tasks running in a single flat address space, the LynxOS RTOS enables each task to run protected in its own space for uncompromising reliability. This real-time operating system is designed specifically to fulfill the stringent needs of multithread and multiprocess applications in safety-critical real-time systems.

Our new powerful RTOS security features allow embedded developers to design their systems to be more secure before they are connected to the internet. It contains the minimum system software necessary for cinit to complete its initialization tasks. Lynx Software Technologies software provides the hidden intelligence that empowers, protects and secures our modern world.

The software industry is concerned with safety and is facing big challenges to make the process of certification to any standard more repeatable, more efficient, and more cost effective. There are four types of Intrapartition Communication service requests: Patent 5, was granted to Lynx November 21, The boot code boots the host processor and performs the appropriate level of power on self-test POST to assure correct operating conditions of a limited set of hardware devices.

LynxOS satisfies the percent MCDC structural coverage requirement out-of-the-box, allowing systems developers to concentrate on their applications rather than trying to get those last lines of system code exercised for system certification.


This means that they absolutely must respond within a known period of time. Hence there are no new tools to purchase and no new learning curves to climb in order to extend code investments across both the open-source and hard real-time worlds.

Lynx Software Technologies’ embedded operating systems are based on open standards, and used over and over in important products made for the communications, aerospace and defense systems, medical, and consumer industries. The net result is that Lynx Software Technologies customers not only come to market quickly with high-quality real-time systems, but are able to more effectively provide value to their own customers over the long term.

The LynxOS RTOS also exhibits true linear scalability, so that it stays unwaveringly deterministic even as the tasks it performs increase massively.

Applications and drivers are not required to be linked to the operating system and can, therefore, be isolated, limiting recertification efforts for lgnxos full operating system when only an application or driver needs modification. Compatibility with other operating systems, including Linux, followed. The threads extensions include specifications for thread creation, control, and cleanup; thread scheduling; thread synchronization; and signal handling. Read-only file systems are mounted for all partitions.

Unix ,ynxos Unix-like operating systems. The VCT contains information based on the set of applications loaded on the target system.

LynxOS Real-time Operating System

Full Ljnxos support, included in the kernel sinceprovides the reliability advantages of protected memory and the performance advantages of virtual addresses. It’s as if each partition rtoz its own separate computer. During initialization, dynamic device drivers are dynamically linked with LynxOS and effectively become part of the operating system. Pinitas the first process in the partition, completes initialization of the partition’s environment and transforms into the application software for the partition.

LynxOS RTOS Family

The CSP contains all the rfos family-specific routines, including the MMU, floating point, and processor exception handlers. Items such as hardware-dependent interrupt handlers for example, power warn and load shed and kernel threads are added to the kernel with device drivers.


The application software that executes within a partition on the target system is usually supplied by a system integrator. Unmatched Interpartition Communication Capabilities LynxOS offers developers the flexibility of advanced networking features that are unmatched by the competition.

The RTOS device drivers permit mounting an external disk drive to facilitate testing and data capture. ABOUT US Every day, millions of people worldwide are touched by rtls that rely on Lynx Software Technologies software—from Internet and phone communications, to airline flight-control systems, office automation and medical devices.

Time partitioning is done through a fixed-cyclic time-slice scheduler, which allocates periods of time to each partition. ABOUT US Every day, millions rtow people worldwide are touched by products that rely on Lynx Software Technologies software—from Internet and phone communications, to airline flight-control systems, office automation and medical devices.

LynxOS is mostly used in real-time embedded systemsin applications for avionicsaerospacethe military, [2] industrial process control and telecommunications.

Request a LynxOS evaluation version.

Read-write file lynxis are mounted only for the VM partition that owns the file system. These device drivers are stored in the file system and installed after the LynxOS kernel is booted, but before partitioning is invoked. The static device info files are linked with the LynxOS kernel.

A queuing port is a communication object allowing a partition to access a channel of communication configured to operate in queuing mode.

LynxOS RTOS Family (Operating systems – embedded) from LynuxWorks, Inc. – Embedded Computing Design

Gernerally, a recompilation of the Linux applications is all that is required to move them to the hard real-time LynxOS. Real-time system development time is saved and programmers are lynxis to be more productive using familiar methodologies as opposed to learning proprietary methods. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.