da Bahia (Nucleus for Interdisciplinary Studies on Women of the Federal .. http :// Figure Proportion of the employed female population aged 15 years of 3, , 1, , 4, , 1, Gadolinium (Gd)‐based paramagnetic contrast agents are relatively safe when used in clinically recommended doses. However, with the. 81 Attachment 1 Power Sector – Basic Assumptions for Financial . da Bahia (COELBA); Companhia de Eletricidade de Pernambuco (CELPE), INTEREST CHARED TO OPERATION lei fl2 Foricat t. .. otal Total TSa ending Detcembr 31 J.

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Nepal – Fr dalatata, ericoides, gracillima, muscicola, tamarisci, yunnanensis – ] http: Ecuador – Frullania – ]Quito, 55 pp. Vermont Natural Heritage Inventory [ am1: The genus Trichocolea Dumort. Help Center Find new research papers in: Infrageneric classification and new combinations, new names, new synonyms in Leei Marchantiophyta.

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Indonesia Java – – ], pp. India – Fr acutiloba, alstonii var pfleidereri, apiculata, arecae, berthoumieuii, calcarata, campanulata, davurica, debilis, densiloba, dilatata, dilatata ssp asiatica, duthiana, ericoides, evelynae, evelynae var devendrae, evelynae var srivastavae, evoluta, gaudichaudii, gaudichaudii var. Italy – Fr parvistipula E – Red list], 1 pp. Guidebook Supplement 44 [ am1: Chile – Fr spec, cf. Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds.


An initial assessment [ am1: International Bryological conference dedicated to year anniversary of R. Brazil – Fr apiculata, caulisequa, bahis, setigera, vitalii – ] Bol. Galapagos [Ecuador] – Fr aculaeata, Fr spec.

New distributional data on bryophytes of Poland, 2. Frullania publications since – by years – July 8, Canada Quebec, Labrador – Fr inflata var communis, riparia, selwyniana – ] http: USA, Canada – 25 Frullania species – ] http: India Nilgiri Hills – Fr hampeana var.

Bulgaria – Fr jackii – ] http: Lejeuneaceae from Nahia [ as3: Brazil – Fr arecae, beyrichiana, brasiliensis, caulisequa, ericoides, glomerata, neesii, riojaneirensis – ]Bauru, SP: Czech Republic – 392 dilatata – ] Acta Mus.

Can liverworts be used as indicators of altitudinal gradient in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest? Liverworts 392 the El Sira Communal reserve. China Fujian – 32 Frullania species, p. South Korea – Fr diversitexta, ericoides, inflata, kagoshimensis, muscicola, muscicola var inuena, osumiensis, schensiana, tamarisci, usamiensis, spec.


Tristan da Cunha Isl. Barcelona July 13rdth Chile – Fr weberbaueri – ] Gayana.

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Canada Quebec, Labrador – Fr asagrayana, bolanderi, eboracensis, inflata var communis, oakesiana, riparia, selwyniana – 9382 http: Bozen, Italy [ eur: Japan – Fr amamiensis, cristata, iriomotensis, iwatsukii, okinawensis, pseudoalstonii, schensiana var. Three New Taxa of Frullania from India. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Vitenskapsmuseet – Bahiz notat [ eur: JanuarBern, Schweiz [ eur: USA – Fr eboracensis – ] [fieldguides.

Bryophytes of Wyre] [ eur: Albania – Fr fragilifolia, inflata – Red list] Studia bot. Jungermanniidaewith a description of a new species of Birobates Balogh, Acari: Spain – Fr dilatata, fragilifolia, tamarisci – Maps], pp.