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Also unlike the film, the book is virulently, relentlessly, jumping-up-and-down anti-Christian.

La corte de Lucifer, Spanish

Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Holy Grail. The point has never been the recovery of an empirically verifiable historical tradition.

Rahn likes that expression and uses it repeatedly. The time has come for the groom to crown his bride; guess where the crown lies? Random Lexicon Howard Buechner. Legends communicate a higher truth than does sober history.

Actually, there are mysteries intentional and otherwise throughout the whole book. Nonetheless, Himmler thought highly enough of this book to order a special edition of 5, leather-bound copies to be printed during the war; for distribution, presumably, to select SS personnel.

The familiar Grail story is just one manifestation of it. There are ancient doctrines which make a hero of Lucifer, or at any rate, of Satan: How have you fallen from the heavens, O glowing morning star; been cut down to the ground O conqueror of Nations?

This cosmic struggle is a historical accident; different only in scale, perhaps, from a fight occasioned by a chance encounter between dinosaurs. This D did not create the world. One cannot discuss this book today without at least mentioning the Steven Spielberg film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


It is particularly anti-Catholic, so much so as to reduce the antisemitic implications of its rejection of Yahweh to a mere subtext. The Cathars seem to have believed in a cycle of reincarnation which, like the Buddhists, they sought to escape. Reviewed by John J.

La Corte de Lucifer : Otto Rahn :

We are grateful for any help in filling the Otto Memorial website. Raiders of the Lost Grail. We may note that, after the meditation, he camps with a group of Hitler Youth; they are Courtiers of Lucifer, too. Birth was an evil, since the entrapment of human souls in matter was one of the things Catharism was supposed to help remedy.

La Corte de Lucifer

They represent the Jewish and German or Aryan peoples and the struggle between them. As many commentators on Rahn have noted, stones do sometimes fall from the sky. If you have any texts, photos, links about Otto Rahn that are not yet at this site, or existing materials translations, please let us know.

As it says in the Edda, Baldr returned and announced to mankind the divine mystery of the earth and the cosmos: This book pretty much sums the subject up. As Richard Barber notes in his sober study, The Holy Grail, the parallels between the notables of medieval Provence and the characters in Parzival just are not that close.


Where something divine or celestial strikes the Earth, we are told, a horde may turn into a people. The fate of the hero is less like apotheosis and more lucifet psychic mulch.

d The North is key for Rahn, both as a symbol and as a source of historical influence from pre-historic times. The organizing principle appears to be that the medieval drama of the Grail was played out in the South, but the meaning and perhaps the origin of the Grail is to be found in the furthest North.

Rahn mentions more than once the old notion that Lucifer is simply in exile from Heaven, and otho return in due course. Worthy lords must live there Reykjavik the capital was a town of corrugated-iron roofs and concrete walls. I have been studying the Third Reich and the occult for 30 years. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne rzhn the stars of God: The sections of the book, all undated and very brief, are headed by place names; the author tells us what he saw or felt or did at each location.