In the Wavestation EX, also called EXK-WS, was released (pictured above). The EX added Sending Sysex Files From PC To Korg Wavestation A/D. View and Download Korg Wavestation player’s manual online. Wavestation Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. View and Download Korg Wavestation service manual online. Wavestation Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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RAM Cards make this easy.

In the same way that most drum nuchines have songs which are just lists of patterns played consecutively, a wave sequence is like a song made of waves. Date Produced – After a writing session, re-enable the Protection switch to prevent battery drain when power is switched off. Orchestrating such a density of timbre might well qualify as advanced synthesis — composition enveloping music concrete, resynthesis, and “granular” S3mthesis, which until now has only appeared in computer music research centers.

You’ll learn more about this in the next chapter.

Vaihda paristo atnoastaan laitevalmistajan suosittelemaan tyyppiin. The current Performance is shown at the upper right and can be changed.

Full text of “Wavestation owner’s manual”

In a live situation with a single MIDI controller, however, this can be impractical. The higher level is where you choose either parallel or series processing, and where you select one of kory effects programs for FXl and FX2, These adjustments are covered in the next few sections. Korg Wavestation EX vs. The splitter routes high frequencies to the chorus.


Korg Wavestation Player’s Manual

Polyphony – Up to 32 Voices. Delay time, and Transposition, allowing you to exercise outstanding control over even complex MIDI systems. It has the obligatory lowpass filter, though it is non-resonant and digital sounding.

If you have a single-oscillator Structure there can be no mixture, so the mix envelope screen is not available. While playing, adjust the dial to raise or lower the basic pitch. Beyond basic operation, the Wavestation’s robust MIDI implementation meets modem demands for use as both an expressive Multi-Timbral sound module or as a sophisticated ”mother” keyboard.

Korg – WaveStation – Service Manual

Pitch wheel This control raises or lowers pitch. Normally you would use this adjustment on oscillators that contribute harmonics within a patch, rather than on ones responsible for fundamental pitch.

If your master keyboard does not have this capability, however, there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing. Ignored in OMNI mode. A ON Wave Seq: Do not operate for a long period of time at high volume level or at a level that is uncomfortable.

Also, instead of the pitch of the oscillators always tracking with standard keyboard intonation, they can have individual tracking slopes. This chapter covers basic MIDI operations such as these. And then there is the whole realm of effects modulation via the MDE processor. The product has been dropped, or the enclosure damaged.


This is true for all values: The value range is 1 – The power-supply cord of the product should be unplugged from the outlet when left unused for a long period of time. A weak or distorted sound system savestation rob the Wavestation of its inherent fidelity.

One way to do this is to change the program numbers in each module to waveatation the master controller’s program change. However, to learn to program the Wavestation, it is probably easier to reverse that order, start with Performances and work backwards in signal flow, or down the menu structure.

You can even program an independent channel for effects modulation.

This will include both those controllers recognized by default, and those set as MIDI Controllers 1 and 2. If problems occur, use at a greater distance from the radio or TV.