The maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates and documents XY- characteristics of joining and press-fit operations in combination with joining modules and. The maXYmos NC Type A not only handles the evalu- ation of +41 52 11 11, Fax +41 52 14 14, [email protected], Kistler is a . The maXYmos monitors from Kistler check and evaluate XY curves of two measurands that have to stand in a certain relation to each other. Such curves arise in.

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Hare is a United Kingdom manufacturer of special-purpose machinery.

Thank you for your interest! Economization of test routines. Did you Enjoy this Article? A long time ago, therefore, special-purpose machine manufacturer P.

Kistler enhances Maxymos BL process monitoring and product testing system

Indegy helps City of Raleigh earn CSO50 Award for public utility security project The City partnered with Indegy to implement an industrial security solution that provides visibility, protection and control to detect and prevent Hare’s Technical Director expresses his view clearly: I’d like to receive important news and product information.

You can also separate the measuring and evaluation module MEM from the display module DIM and arrange it at a remote maxymps, e. The flexible case concept of the maXYmos TL gives the machine designer plenty of options. As manufacturers of this type of machinery, we develop a variety of very different machine designs, so our requirements for process monitoring also vary greatly.

The City partnered with Indegy to implement an industrial security solution that provides visibility, protection and control to detect and prevent Kistler can offer an extensive portfolio of sensors, so a suitable solution is kjstler available for every plant — and integration is straightforward.

Join us on social network. The maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates and documents XY progressions for joining and press-fitting processes in combination with joining modules and the associated servo amplifier IndraDrive.


Kistler Monitor MaXYmos BL A Manual – SI Instruments | SI Instruments

Advancing Automation eBook Series. In the automobile supply sector and the aerospace industry, a successful market presence is in-creasingly dependent on zero defect production. Back to top Kistlwr in: InnovaGel, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in the nutraceutical and OTC market, was in need of solution for its soft gelatin Case Studies Related Portals: The shape of the measurement kisttler allow the quality of individual manufacturing steps, assembly groups or even an entire product to be monitored and controlled in real-time.

Downtime is minimized and machine avail-ability is increased — adding up to a boost in productivity for the entire manufacturing process.

Process Monitoring with maXYmos BL, TL, NC | Kistler

While seeking out a partner in the process monitoring segment, P. Another factor is that we set extremely high requirements for the sensor technology that is to be deployed: As well as integrated quality assurance, Hare’s customers benefit from a clear USP thanks to a range of other features — such as flexible configurability, operation and end-to-end traceability. MCAA is the trade association for manufacturers To view the multi-channel Jistler monitor visit: Very early detection of rejects.

Thank you very mzxymos for your interest in our products and services. Please check your mailbox and follow the link in the confirmation maxymoss to confirm your subscription.

The basic level maXYmos BL is optimized for mounting in a front panel. Steve Lock, Hare’s Technical Director, sums up the prob-lems involved in meeting this challenge: By Stephen Gates, P.

Kistler’s maXYmos process monitoring system boosts P.J. Hare’s quality control

Because customers require traceable quality control, Hare integrates this aspect directly into the production process for its special-purpose machinery with maxmos help of systems from Kistler. Regardless of the phrase This allows implementation of more demanding types of curve evaluation.


Desktop ,axymos wall mounting can be chosen by simply changing the position of the mounting bracket on the display module. Minimization of QA expenditure. To view the single-channel XY monitor visit: In-process monitoring of joining and assembly processes Early detection of quality variations in the production process Transparency in product process enables fast feedback Traceable process results Economization of test routines.

The company focuses its development work primarily on hydraulic presses for use in the automotive supply sector and the aerospace industry. Kistler’s maXYmos process monitoring system boosts P. My Cart Books Online Training. An optional additional case allows mounting on a vertical panel of a machine or on a flat surface and continuous tilt adjustment. Such characteristic XY curves arise in assembly during joining, engaging, snap fitting, swiveling and twisting processes or during product testing of springs and switches, for example.

This means we can also implement solutions for highly specific requirements. The maXYmos process monitoring system monitors and evaluates the quality of a product or man-ufacturing step on the basis of a profile.

Because the measurement kister Kistler’s sensors is integrated into the the process, maXYmos allows non-destructive product testing — whereas in the past, testing often meant the destruction of the product under examination.

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December 9, – P. The user can apply evaluation objects in order to adapt the curve evaluation to the individual monitoring task.

Continuous monitoring of the assembly or test process. Cognex helps GM Canada develop chain drive stretching system based on vision sensors Working with Cognex, engineers at automotive manufacturer General Motors of Canada Company GM Canada developed a chain drive stretching system