We are the largest Arabic online bookstore in South east Asia, with more than titles from more than publishers in Fiqh, Hadeeth, Aqidah, Philosophy, . Lauhat faniah min rawa’ik khat arabi لوحات فنية من روائع الخط العربى. احمد صبرى زايد. 0 Review | Add Your Review · Email to a Friend. Availability: In stock. Qty. It was originated from Ethiopia, but later distributed to different countries such as South Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Although this plant is known as Khat in.

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Students deepen their understanding of Islam through stories, nasheeds, and thought provoking questions and activities. Moreover, people who stop chewing Khat may atabi some withdrawal symptoms such as mild depression, lethargy, irritability, nightmares and slight tremors. It was designed to stimulate the mental skills and senses of the child and enhance their level of understanding of the Arabic language.

English, Also available as Urdu, Arabic Code: Although the cultivation and consumption of Khat are araib in some countries, it is illegal in other countries. The first study was focused on intermediate and secondary school students in 72 schools in Jazan region.

It presents each letter using a song and 3D cartoon. Each level has classes, distributed as follows: The elementary stage of the series covers around 1, words, with the focus in the first two books being on the sensory vocabulary.

The Chewing of Khat: Saudi Arabia Addicted Drug

As such, it includes a set of varied and attractive dynamic and writing-dynamic activities in terms of form and graduation in terms of content and difficulty level: It is view every Dictation Base in a simple way joined with Exercises which help them to understood and employ it in a helpful method.

This is the most comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic in Islamic schools in North America. However, Cathinone is the most active ingredient and is more potent than Cathine [ 2 ]. Khat or Catha edulis is an evergreen tree of the Celastracea family. Khzt 12, Abstract Khat or Catha edulis is an evergreen tree of the Celastracea family. In this study, the researchers conducted a cross-sectional survey and selected a random sample of students from 72 intermediate and secondary schools of the region.


Recommended for full-time, weekend or home school.

Textbooks and workbooks are gradually aim to introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historic and cultural aspects of Islam. Download whole album or single tracks. The presence of Cathine in the leaves of Khat causes euphoria for people who chew it. Mukhtar Hussein and Nasif Abdul Aziz The first student’s book contains 5 units, each with 5 lessons and a test.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Islamic countries that forbid the cultivation and consumption of Khat. This series covers all educational levels. Audio Sample 8 Your browser does not support the audio element. Based on this study and its result, the researchers recommended that the schools in Jazan region need intervention programs which create the awareness among students and prevent the prevalence of Khat chewing among them.

This prohibition is based on the Islamic law that prohibits all kinds of alcohol, drugs, and substances that harm the body or lead to the social and health problems [ 2 ].

Popular series for learning and teaching Arabic. It also aims at immersing them in the concepts of some Arabic words and what they refer to. You can earn 20 loyalty points for every review you submit. Simple and short passages comprising linguistic structures of sounds, vocabulary, expressions, and syntax structures, aim to facilitate learning by teaching the language process and communication.

Nevertheless, others use it as medicine for fatigue, depression, obesity, decrease sexual desires, male infertility, and increase of aggression.


Khat ‘Arabi : Naskh Essential Course (Sunday) – As-Souq Arabic Centre

Present the letters in a simple, joyful, and progressive method, focusing on the individual shape and sound of each letter.

Each subsequent level progressively introduces more writing skills, including word formation and penmanship practice. Some researchers have clarified that Khat may cause hypertension, low birth-weight infants, testicular degeneration, duodenal ulcers, cerebral haemorrhage, and oral and gastric cancer [ 3 ].

Check out more inners. It also supplies the child with a number of basic grammar structures about compositionsand each lesson contains a specific number of vocabulary, structures and expressions. Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. The first one is due to the presence of the awareness programs about the arahi effects of Khat use.

It helps Arabic learners to deal confidently with Arabic culture, plus different types of reading and listening passages: As in the first book, this volume is presented in a captivating style that motivates children to learn. Guide the child in the aarbi method of writing of the Arabic language, from right to left.

Cathine and Cathinone that caused excitement, euphoria, and loss of appetite. Fun characters are introduced to students, inspiring them to learn important life lessons. An illustrated dictionary appears at the end of the workbook and includes word sets arabo throughout the lessons making memorization easy. Hence, Khat is considered one of the main reasons in Jazan that causes family conflicts and decrease in economic activities. Compared to the printed style of Arabic, arbai is termed naskh, ruq’ah offers the advantage of being much quicker to write.