L O D = Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation . KAHRAMAA hereby certifies that the WORK under the said CONTRACT has been. State of Qatar Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” Regulations for the Installation of Electrical Wiring, Electrical EquipmentAnd Air. Any deviation to this regulation to be noticed to the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” by the contractor or consultant. These.

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Means qatag individual meters down stream of the main meter or sub main through which conveyed water to flats or villa in building or complex. Gaskets to be supplied with fittings in this section must be suitable for use with potable water. There are some forms in the appendix: Approved Contractors List 8 Nos. Kahfamaa applications for sewerage and drainage for servicing new developments are subject to approval by the Drainage Affairs as part of the Building Permit approval procedure before such facilities can be built.

In case of separate fire fighting system availability in the residential complex: Means the level at which the water in a cistern or vessel will first spill over if the inflow exceeds the outflow through any outlet and any overflow pipe.

Reference to ” Customer ” in these byelaws shall fill the required applicant as defined before. Every item shall be packed individually and put into the wooden box, which shall be close and open type.

Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

During the winter and spring periods, sever electrical storms with sheet and forked lightning can occur. Swimming Pool Circulating System.

Means any device other than a draw off tap, for stopping the flow of water in a pipe. Providing necessary plans and information related to permits, and coordinating with the relevant sister depts. This page location is: The internal network must be close loop or ring type. Means a pipeline that conveys water from the main allocated storage to the individual villa or buildings and other utilities inside the residential complex by the setoff water pumps.

For underground installation, stop valve shall be made of gunmetal BS crutch head with gunmetal ended compression couplings to fit MDPE pipe both sides for all size range from 20 mm up to 63 mm.


Regulations of Internal Water Installations and Connection Works

The Polypropylene pipes fitting shall be comply with the followings standards or equivalent: Full proposed design details including; Architectural, Location plan, Structural plans, Sections and Elevations with QND 95 levels noted on all regulatioons, including the loading design and foundation details.

Pipes shall have kharamaa stripe to distinguish potable water. Study permit applications small additions and Permit. These standards have a set of specification for the materials usage. The valve shall close clockwise. The GRP duct shall be of semi circular shape firmly fixed to the wall with brackets.

Collection of fees fees to open a file, Permit fees. In the case of large supplies, where E coil thermo tolerant coli form bacteria sufficient sample examined, must not be Total coli form bacteria.

Guideline Value Must not be detectable in ml sample. Study permit applications modification procedure and issuing Permit. Materials shall be cleaned from any foreign matter deposited during rfgulations. Month and year of manufacture.

Determine the lifting pump total head to exceed the tower’s height, otherwise a break tanks at suitable floor reguoations is required, other pump set required to convey water to the roof storage tanks. Copy of maintenance contract or periodical services level agreement SLA if available. The installations of domestic service cabinet inside the customer’s wall along with necessary UPVC duct underneath and continued with a 90 deg bend to allow easy access of MDPE service connection.

Supervising and helping the employees of different agencies, working in the complex, for their best coordination and output. In case of swimming pool a relevant filtration, dosing and circulation plant arrangement needed, see figure CSD – CSI – 09 – Means the flow in a direction regultions to the intended normal direction of flow.

If there is irrigation system used inside the complex, a separate water tank required with separate water meter. Means meter device allocated for measuring consumption for allocated group of premises on specific distribution network or tanks serving particular area. The regulations presented in this document form part rgeulations the requirements for water services connection and installation. For dual flush tanks: Construction Layout DWG 3.


Aerators shall be installed with conventional faucets and taps in bathrooms and kitchen of all private and public buildings. In case of a design change or make additions or amendment to the design, New NOC application has to be submitted to Qatar Rail. Concrete tank either underground or above the ground, construction based on approved capacity and location mentioned in the approved drawing.

A copy Of Qatar Civil Defense requirements is split into two documents, the first one containing the guidelines and the second one is an Annex. Means any pipe Other Than an Overflow or a Flushing Pipe conveying water from storage cistern, hot water apparatus supplied by a feed cistern or under pressure from that cistern. The PWA is responsible for all public foul sewerage, surface water and ground water drainage systems in the State of Qatar.

The upstream supply points for the entire group should have appropriate ball valve or gate valve for abnormal cases. The violation committee to decide matters relating to violations of building permits. Every layer in wooden box shall be clamped properly to avoid abrasion during transit and damage to coating or as specified elsewhere in the specification.

The maximum volume of water that may discharged from flush tank shall not exceed the following amount: Considerable amount of energy is consumed to deliver and treat the water we are using every day.

Keep on trying to make the procedure of granting permits easier and faster, and improving the performance of the representatives of different agencies involved in the complex. Means constructed void underground to accommodate electronic sensor connected to the GRP bulk meter cabinet by 2 inches conducts khramaa the sensor cord to the EDU Electronic Display Unit. It is preferable to specify renewable energy source like solar energy for plumbing applications, such as, qata water heater.

Guideline for Plans Submission.