How to Plan MAIO and HSN – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) 8 OMO BSC GSM V9R11R12R13 Frequency Hopping. A mobile allocation index offset (MAIO) refers a time delay separating traffic channels. When a Thus, the MA Table, MAIO and the Hopping Sequence Number (HSN) completely configure a hopping sequence procedure GSM standard. View Test Prep – Frequency hopping from ECE at D A V College Cheeka. What is HSN and MAIO in GSM? – + February S M T W T F.

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Kalina V2, V3 9. First, the definition of HSN: NBCCH full power in hopping environment q.

Telecom Concepts: Frequency Hoping in GSM

It is presumed that addition of the site is very easy in SFH. Also there is a plan to reserve these for micro cells. Also it was observed that for files of size KB, the data transmission takes at a speed of 8KB to 8. No problems hsb 3. Separate FER plot should be taken to identify the change. Hence as a precautionary measure, following BSIC changes were done in the network.

This problem is not visible on field but it results in degradation in HSR. JP Road V2 – both 4. It is even possible to use 8 NBCCH carriers on a site but it will result in increase in interference in surrounding sites. The problem with this method is that, addition of new site may require frequency replan for the area.

In our example, the MA List is small – just three frequencies. It was observed that after implementing hopping in the network, following sectors have shown coverage reduction. Addition of Site e.


Mahim Station V1 4. Activities in SFH Implementation: Thus 1×3 hopping plan restricts malo addition in sites that has carriers. This increase in effectiveness leads to a transmission quality improvement of the same proportion. However the call did not drop. This reduction may fet compensated due to improvement in quality of hopping carriers improvement in TCH assignment success rate.

Mobile Allocation Index Offset

Need has come to increase the number of carriers in JP Road V1 from 3 to 5. This may result in quality degradation. The HSN is a cell specific parameter. The benefits of hopping increase if more frequencies are available for hopping. When a GSM Global System for Mobile Communications mobile phone is served by a cell that is hopping over a set of frequencies, the separate traffic channels hop over the allocated frequencies according to a hopping sequence number HSN.

TEMS is one of the drive test tools that can be used for the purpose. The goal here is not to teach HSN and MAIO planning, since this task involves many possible configurations and scenarios, which would escape the scope of our tutorial.

In cases where Loading Factor constraint can not majo followed, those carriers should be kept in fixed frequency mode. The main reason for this is we used entire band of 30 channels for BCCH earlier.

Call success rate will depend on the cleanliness of BCCH carriers. Each cell on a site uses one group and it is repeated on all sites. However, the best ajd – and always recommended – is to use network planning tools suitable for this purpose, as the AFP, from Optimi, gsn Ultima Forte, from Scheme.


The problem with this scheme is in peak hours there may be more hits.

Frequency Hopping is mechanism in which the system changes the frequency uplink and downlink during transmission at regular intervals. Cell Broadcast Facility j.

Ideally downlink or uplink must radiate at full power before any handover. So different hopping configurations are allowed for different timeslots. BCCH carrier is very important for logging on to the network or staying in the network.

Hopping Issue (HSN and MAIO patterns)

Three hopping groups are used in 3 sites, one per site. If 15 frequencies are to be used for hopping, then every cell will have all 15 frequencies in the MA list.

All the calls suffer from controlled interference but only for short and distant periods of time, not for all the duration of the call. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Motorola system allows to define the hopping system jaio a per timeslot basis.

It is a number that defines the frequency hopping algorithm, and can vary from 0 to gms, ie there are 64 hopping algorithms to be used in GSM. Related Posts What is Envelope Tracking? Monitoring Customer Complaints c.