by. Gary Cox. · Rating details · ratings · 61 reviews. How to Be an Existentialist is a witty and entertaining book about the philosophy of existentialism. How to be an Existentialist by Gary Cox, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. At the same time, Gary Cox’s recent book How to Be an Existentialist, bracingly subtitled How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses.

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In a more ‘elitist’ sense I want to ‘awaken the consciousness’ in the ‘oppressed’ lol Marx student for life. Cod a good philosophy if your present circumstances are unendurable or highly negative because one of the tenets holds that we really are transient or? Anyway, as you say, Existentialism and Excess has also had glowing reviews; these have tended to come later from people who have had time to give the book proper consideration and to actually read it all. There is no real meaning in life, but this way of thinking recommends you to bravely accept that this is the way of life, and you can create your own purpose in life and enjoy it.

Sometimes the “self help” sections of the book overlapping with the more academic sections seemed a bit odd and unnatural but overall it was a good slap in the face on my approach to exams. He argued that genius is as genius does and certainly he forged his genius through his admirable, now legendary, capacity for hard work. What struck me was that he writes: How could that not be bad faith? Cox’s light, humorous take on imparting information might not gel with every reader, but for me at least it represented an original and pleasant way of experiencing the fascinating world of existentialist thought.

This is a weird little book that does a middling job fulfilling its two distinct aims. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Gary Cox (philosopher)

How to Be Authentic; 5. We patiently wait for the results of the investigation into collusion, hopefully the results will take down not just the present administration but all the corrupt Republicans who enabled the debacle. Aug 27, Jason Ford rated it really liked it Shelves: Review Text “According to existentialists, selecting this book is an existentalist choice for which the reader is responsible. I would say if you want to learn existentialism read “existentialism is garh humanism” and this.


As a general introduction to existentialism, it is merely passably good.

How to Be an Existentialist: or How to Get Real, Get a Grip and Stop Making Excuses

He makes it clear existrntialist he is on the political left and despises any sort of religious thought. Is every membership in a group inauthentic? We can not know reality without this instrument. Looking for beautiful books?

There are about four good points in the book when the author aligns the title to the content, and I genuinely did take away some good advice from this but I’d never give it anyone.

Taken as systematic description of the real world, Existentialism is a fruitless neo-Kantian mess. It’s not so much that existentialist thinking can’t be applied to life’s moral greyscale. It’s more that the problem with maintaining, or at least refusing to challenge, a popular political culture based on denial and hysteria is that it requires regarding people who are not like you as simultaneously less than human and superhuman.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Existentialism recognises that once you are born, you are condemned to death.

It is unsatisfying insofar as it purports to ground explanation of these crucial principles in a basic description of existentialism, its method, ontology and so forth. They are aspects of his relationship with the world. Do you think if Sartre had not tl his name that his legacy in the United States would have been significantly different? So Sartre and Fiction unavoidably turned out to be semibiographical.

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t have to go through life with so many regrets.

The Art of Excess – Los Angeles Review of Books

Cox’s descriptions of the philosophy itself often fails to escape the circularity of jargon to which so much philosophical writing is prone, and one is left with grand exhortations Sartre was highly influenced by Nietzsche, who I dare to describe as an existentialist. We make our lives meaningful by our own choices, we chose to be free and we know this choice at least is true.

Trump’s stupidity and lack of qualification was all the same to them, since all is meaningless in the end anyway – and they might as well bring on maximum chaos so that the world can match the destructive whirlwind of conspiracy theories and hate that occupies their minds. The book includes suggested further existentialisf. My existentialism professor, was a phd in existentialism but in reality in Heidegger, she knew little enough about nietzsche that I would have to correct her on misreadings existnetialist was one of those teachers who would assign 10 pages but bbe the 10 exishentialist introduction to the concept before the assigned piece if you know what I’m talking about.


A celebration of the game of cricketthe book explores all aspects of the cricket ball phenomenon, from vary ontologyiconic status, history, manufacture and future, to its complex, multifaceted, often controversial role during play. That’s what the Huffington Post is for. Open Preview See a Problem? I love the company I have, all my family and friends.

Starting with this because I needed to ease myself in with these huge concepts first. If you’ve already read books on existentialism, I really wouldn’t recommend reading this, since it’s really just vary existentialism.

Not least, we are often unsure of our own motivations for thinking, feeling, and acting in the ways that we do. An attack on contemporary excuse culture, the book urges us to fac How to Be an Existentialist is a witty existentkalist entertaining book about the philosophy of existentialism.

Gary Cox (philosopher) – Wikipedia

Art and Conspiracy at the Met Breuer. Hence, he chose to bridge the gap between the academic ivory tower-research and existentjalist worldly needs of an interested but theoretically untrained reader.

This little book blew me away, for two reasons. Afterwards, the author goes over Sartre’s notion of bad faith and what it means to fall into bad faith. Or perhaps it will be the other way around. Letter to the Editor: By Henry Martyn Lloyd. Return to Book Page. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.