The Electronic 7 is fitted with an automatic clock that is pre-set on manufacture and should not normally require any adjustments by the user. The summer/winter . View and Download Horstmann Electronic 7 user operating instructions manual online. Water Heater Controller. Electronic 7 Controller pdf manual download. Oct 21, It’s the Horstmann economy 7 quartz only to work whilst there is cheap rate electricity overnight on economy seven. horstmann electronic 7.

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My immersion heater element recently shorted out and has been replaced. Hi guys, First thank you for reading and helping out.


This gives you a full tank on cheap rates with a half tank boost outside these hours if horstann. This is normally the upper element in the tank and can. I have a Grasslin ECOsave, but the clock is now running over twice as fast as it should, so it needs to be replaced. The old cylinder has a maxistore Quartz programmer.

If you are finding that the heater is working as above but it is not keeping the water warm enough during the day then either you have a poorly insulated tank, or the heater element has failed, or you are having a bath in the morning and draining all the heated water from the tank and leaving nothing for later in the day.

I have to manually move the dial around to get the red timer light on to warm up water. This is normally the upper element in the tank and can be programmed to come on once each day at a set time.

Discuss Need help, setting horstmann economy 7 – it’s just not working in the Electrical Forum area at ElectrciansForums. I have found that the only way I am getting any hot water is to use the boost. If I set the programme to heat the water in the early hours, but on occasion I know I won’t need hot water the next day, so I switch the unit off the night before at the switched output control, will the unit still remember the programme when I switch it back on again for use the day after that?


Yes, it is a straight easy swap. Will this timer allow me to programme anytime of the day within a 24 hr period? Battery Reserve The Electronic 7 is designed to be permanently connected to the mains electricity supply. Some tariffs offer additional cheaper electricity periods during the day time; the Electronic 7 has extra off peak switching periods available to accommodate this. I will be away from home in the near future and will only be returning to the property once or twice a month.

Can I programme a regular boost outside of economy tariffs? This will ensure that the programme stays matched to any preferential tariffs which should mean that your water is heated as economically as possible.

If you need hot water all day you will have to keep resetting the boost timer. Currently have the Eco 7 Quartz. Kind regards Jonathan Walpole A: It’s the Horstmann economy 7 quartz. Page of 8 Go.

I would like to have during the night water in the tank heated by cheap night -rate and if I need more hot water a day time I will press the button boost. Yes, but you will need to change the backplate.

Notes above suggest the unit can support two elements but each of mine are rated 3kW-could both still run from the one unit allowing timer to use cheaper off peak rates, thermal capacity should suffice with odd manual boost? If this fails to resolve the problem then please contact your installer or a local heating engineer or a qualified electrician. I have a one element water cylinder that is heated on the off peak supply only but don’t have a boost facility which is what I need without installing a two hhorstmann cylinder.


Enter text from picture: A backbox is included. Add to my manuals Add.

Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement. The water temperature is scolding hot. I currently have an Electronic 7 controller which maxisstore about 7 years old and which only operates on boost and although Electronix have set the timer for overnight Econ tariff use it does not switch the immersion on. I have a newlec NLE7 and after a power cut the display is blank, I was once told to do a reboot to get the display working do you know how to do this many thanks A: Yes, this will do that.

Yes, it will fit onto the Quartz backplate, so a simple swap.

Horstmann Electronic 7 User Operating Instructions Manual

Guys really need to get hot water going, pls can you advise I’m gona manually change dial time to trigger timed emmersion.

Alternatively if maxixtore is known that extra hot water will be required every day, the.

I am not on economy 7 at all. Hello, Can I set up the timer to go on different times in different days? The thermostat will be located on the immersion heater itself. The Electronic 7 – an overview The simple instructions in this user guide are designed to help you with programming and operation of the unit.

Continue Horstmann’s Electronic 7 immersion heater control is instantly compatible with tarrifs that keep to Greenwich Mean Time and those that vary with British Electronnic Time. I’m swapping a dated pulsacoil for an unvented cylinder.