Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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For those who live, work and visit Walton-on-Thames, viletype can respond using the online survey. Council to organise a deep clean of the area and to keep a closer eye on it. As a long term Walton man, Richard recently retired as Manager of the Sainsburys in town.

Future of Walton

We are actively looking into this. All river events in Walton. Thanks so much Richard! The police to implement procedures to collect CCTV footage in a more timely way to allow swifter identification of offenders. A future that’s bright for Walton! A solution was suggested in the form of Facewatch – an online initiative approved by the Home Office which the whole town can use to report issues, both via the Facewatch website and app.

A complimentary option is to also get the police to create a Niche Report – a multi-agency working document logging all incident reports. The police confirmed young people being stopped are from all secondary schools in the area.

However, we haven’t made enough progress on our Business Plan and looking at the future as we would like it for Walton. The council suggested closing the car park at night. Walton-on-Thames Loves Oxted – press release from Elmbridge Borough Council The Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council have visited the ‘Love Oxted’ team to learn from neighbouring towns as we continue our work to ensure Walton is a great fjletype to live and work.

Please read this flyer for applicqtion information. Several talked of having clear CCTV images of crimes which the police had not collected until chased. Wellington Pub looking like it will be developed soon, which might improve the situation.


Crime Meeting – 10th May

Doug Perkins is now pulling together all the information resulting from the workshop, which WoTTA can incorporate into the Business Plan.

Working on a Walton Trai l with a map to link all the historical places in the town, encouraging local residents to embrace the amazing history on their doorstep and encouraging tourism to the town.

If you’d like to join our ASB committee, whether a trader or concerned resident, please contact us.

Most people who live in the UK are eligible to be housed. WoTTA is looking forward to the future. Extra priority may be granted on the basis of need, such as medical need, domestic or racial abuse, or sexual harassment in the home. And we’d all like to make sure it stays that way. Sign In Request an online account.

The responses from this consultation, along with other evidence, will be considered by Cabinet and Council in the New Year. EBC has been looking at parking in Elmbridge. The visit generated lots of new ideas that can build on the work the Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance has been doing with the Council to improve the streetscene, offer 3 hours of free parking every Saturdayclean up the town with regular litter picks and support businesses with funding for shop fronts and marketing projects.

They want to build a picture of the town to help get action taken. Walton says NO to crime! It would be funded and run by businesses in a nominated area of Walton and would work on delivering a mandate of activities. If they can ID people they follow up with parents. Litter wardens would patrol at the same time periods as above – as well as additional focus on Sandy Way, Ashley Park Avenue outside Homebase and Churchfield Road during the daytime – giving out on the spot fines where possible.

Rent a home

filehype Town Development – We’re working for you! The police are keen to encourage people to report crimes as without this data they cannot support a call for more resources. What can be done? Following on from that, the next stage will be to conduct a brief survey houusing other local businesses to find out if the key areas we’ve identify resonate with them. Formed close working relationship with the local and county council and our MP, Dominic Raab.


We work together with local authorities to meet local housing needs. We talked about trying to change the attitude being exhibited at present by: Anti-social behaviour letters and visits to parents are being made where appropriate, and any onward referrals made if some families require additional support or help. The areas we work in tend to have a central waiting list for our homes, so you need to apply with your local authority first.

Check out this great report by the Hersham Hub on recently published crime figures for Elmbridge: But the fact that a person is eligible for housing does dorm guarantee an allocation – alplication housing is in short supply in the UK, and there is high demand for the available homes. The police have also executed a drugs warrant locally, completed underage test purchasing at off licences and asked traders to be vigilant about selling age restricted products.

CCTV is only good if the offender can be identified and the police have been working with local schools on this. Ashley Park Everyone agreed there should be more litter bins in the park. It was suggested that just the physical presence of some Litter Wardens and some warning signs could be an excellent deterrent. Crime Meeting – 10th May. All river events in Walton. They were not the only business to report this.

The situation at both Druitts Car Park and the Cricket Club has become unacceptable and action needs to be taken immediately.

Many had given up on reporting crimes due to this. Drewitt’s Court In the year since our last ASB tour nothing has been done in this car park and unacceptable behaviour continues, with items being thrown off the car park, people sitting on the dangerously low ledge etc.

Already we’ve moved on in leaps and bounds and have a draft nearly ready to go. Find a home Rent a home.