Dashboards show at-a-glance information which is designed to allow you to make key decisions quickly. This video provides a short overview of what. 3 days ago Dundas BI is a business intelligence, analytics and dashboard The drag and drop feature for creating views is a very productive feature. Review of Dundas BI Software: system overview, features, price and cost UI part, whether it’s related to creating a dashboard or creating cubes, measures and.

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Although some competitive offerings dashboarv, they do not provide this combination of features that include entry points into true collaboration within dashboards themselves. This gives end users a lot of opportunities to customize their presentation layer design and use.

Highly customizable BI software with awesome features and visualisations. The staged approach allows for changes to be made to the dashboard project at later stages in the development workflow without the need dahsboard re-involve the technical personnel.

Learn more at https: In-depth technical skills are not required unless extending the solution. The user will understand all of its features not more than one week. It also allows organizations to add data sources, metrics, virtual dashboarc, OLAP analysis, etc.

It evaluates the software and provides a report card that highlights the general features that should be available to enable broader end-user autonomy.

In no particular order: We continue to solidify ourselves as leaders in quality innovation in business intelligence and data analytics. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of ServiceCookie Policyand Privacy Policy. You can customize everything.


Successful implementation is not possible absent a Microsoft Windows web server. Pros Dundas BI is really a one of a kind type of platform that can give critical insights to any organization. Best functionalities in a BI tool that money can buy. UTSAV from satori group india. In this case user need to edit each dashboard and apply the same changes at dashboard level ].

Dundas BI Software

A Look at Software Selection for Dashboards. Cons It took some time to really train on the platform and understand how to manage the analytics. Great customer support team. Give feedback on the new tutorixl experience.

This patent covers real-time data visualization systems and methods. Product Review Methodology The product review is based on in-depth interviews and product demonstrations with Dundas to identify technology and positioning. Not all steps are intuitive to end users e. Dundas Data Visualization provides data visualization solutions. These patented technologies enable a direct line between connecting to a data source, analyzing it and presenting the results on a dashboard without having to first configure and format a certain model or dataset from the data source.

Installation of Dundas Dashboard requires a Windows web server.

Product Review: Why Choose Dundas Dashboard?

I am working with Dundas BI since the day it was born roughly begining and I can say that I had only good experiences with it, as long as you know it very well.

It’s not that much complex as compared to other BI tools. Marketing Positioning Dundas Dashboard is positioned as a BI presentation solution allowing users to develop dashboards, scorecards, and reports.

Cons It’s not really a con, but because there is so many options, it can make using it difficult. Dundas Dashboard serves the needs of both the analytical and performance aspects of BI presentation.

  ISO 13628-1 PDF

It simply took me 1 week to understand the complete functionality of dundas all by myself.

It helps me find the best way to answer the questions I am wanting to answer already and find new questions that I didn’t have but see now I should be answering. There could be more analysis functionality.

Patent on Systems for Dashboard Creation Awarded to Dundas Data Visualization

For organizations that develop dashboards in-house, Dundas Dashboard divides the work between several user groups:. Here are some of the business benefits:. It offers the ability to expand solutions, analytics, data connections, etc.

But having a pivot grid like in Power BI would be fitting to the rest of the tool and tutorjal it unbeatable.

A function to send messages to other users for example would be create. Cons The tool is very useful and user friendly. With some time you can get a good grip on everything. No matching results for ”.

The amazing flexibility of dashboarding tools comes complexity and a bit of a learning curve. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization.

It’s a very good tool for creating cubes from different sources including direct excel sheets. To fully deliver self-service capabilities, solutions need to be accessible at a broad level in two ways. Featured Dashboard Dashboard Gallery.