Make no mistake about it: Adele Ashworth is back. Elegantly written, refreshingly adult, and over-the-moon erotic, Duke of Sin marks the. Vivian Rael–Lamont lives peacefully in the small town of Penzance, Cornwall, where everybody believes her to be widowed, when in truth she left London unwi . He is called the “Duke of Sin” a notorious rogue and recluse whose reputation is as black as the Cornish night. They speak of his conquests, his past, and his.

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These two lonely creatur Duke of SinAdele Ashworth – I’ve only read Winter Garden and quite enjoyed it and so I’ve been looking forward to reading some other highly rated Ashworth novels, of which she has quite a few.

Someone to have dinner with, someone to chat with.

Will is a duke who hides in the country after his wife dies and he is put on trail for her death. I read this a few years ago but the review disappeared from by shelves.

She has heard the rumors about the infamous Duke of Sin, wdele she is unprepared for the man’s raw, sensuous power… or for the traitorous response of her own body.

A rhythmic, lively and tender novel that once the last page is closed the reader is beaming with a huge smile on its face. The hero has good and bad points. They’ll get close and try to do a forgery.

Series: Duke’s Trilogy

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A well written and engaging tale with two attractive protagonists.


But oh no, he was dead all along! Open Preview See a Problem?

Duke’s Trilogy | Awards | LibraryThing

The plot sounded really exciting somehow it fell short I struggled to care about either of them and found it all a bit predictable and somehow not romantic a shame I really wanted to enjoy it. Adele was destined to be a singing, reading, reporting, Miss America. The book begins in in Penzan Although I gave it 9nly 5 stars, I did enjoy it. I’d grade it a Ba good grade, but I was expecting something much, much better. If she’s smart, touching and naive, he is arrogant, possessive and controlling.

France Heroine has been left on wedding night by her new husband. He was such a strong, stoic, arrogant character so to see him fall in love with so breathtaking. That she is in fact still married, and that she and her husband decided on a legal separation. Aug 11, Joan rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about Duke of Sinplease sign up.

Penzance, Cornwall, England, UK.

The reclusive, mysterious Duke — known far and wide as the Duke of Sin — is widely thought to have murdered his wife several years earlier, a belief seemingly unaffected by the fact that he was found innocent of the crime at trial. This book is awhworth perfect example of what I could imagine as a torn hero, woe-begotten and feeling like the world is weighing heavily on his shoulders.

Duke of Sin (Duke Trilogy, #1) by Adele Ashworth

Instead, let’s just kidnap her and give the hero THREE days to track me down in my hillbilly secluded cabin. Yet this hauntingly familiar man who stands before her—this face and form she adores—is not her deceiving Edmund but the blackguard’s twin brother, Samson Carlisle, Duke of Durham.


Tuvo tanta suerte para revelarlo todo. Duke of Sin did not disappoint! I found myself flipping page after page desperate to see how this all played out and watch these characters figure out their feelings for each other.

Save my name, email, and website in this dke for the next time I comment. Duke Trilogy 3 books. I especially liked Will, a reclusive man whose mistreatment and isolation by society hasn’t made bitter. And funny, sexy pillow talk. When Sam told Olivia the truth, she reacted with anger The “husband” has tricked her and stolen her family perfume company.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, I loved virtually everything about the Duke of Trent, Ms. However, this hero is Maybe 3. It was all wrapped up too conveniently and no epilogue!?!

I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself — here’s part of it, hidden by awhworth spoiler tag. Much to her mother’s chagrin, Adele was caught in a heated discussion with a telephone operator who insisted it simply wasn’t possible to put a six-year-old child through to President Nixon at the White House just to make a complaint about important programming interruption.