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Shades of white are used for surgeries, the homes of the middle class, the police station and the prison; the court is also luminous.

In this sense, there is a denial of the rules established by hegemonic power to regulate discourse, and what might be called a resistance contradiction takes place. Los horarios los escoges tu, ya que es online y tienes la ayuda de un campus virtual With her attitude, Vera acknowledges that what she does is beyond the law, even at a moral level.

In this sense, women’s bodies, as the receptacle for the foetus, are considered a public asset that must be protected, even from women themselves. This explicit revelation of conflicting and Manichean moral standards is seen by some as “a pitiful sequence the worst in the film ” and, therefore, a ground for criticism. Entrevista exclusiva con Claude Chabrol.

J El profesorado es muy amable, y se entrega para que todo funcione. In those days in France, abortion was considered a crime against the state, since, in Charol’s own words, Vichy’s regime had replaced the motto “Freedom, Equality and Fraternity” with that of “Work, Family, Homeland” duties, not rights according to one of the characters in the film in his crusade in defence of alleged moral standards.


From my point of view, this image constitutes the central paradox of the film: Debates sobre Cursos online. The paradox in Marie’s lawyers’ words brings down the image of decent moral standards, revealing the true nature of Vichy’s political regime, where the rights of born children are nonexistent.

Yet, is Vera responsible enough and aware of the consequences of this assumption? Chabrol claimed that these reactions came from people who ” were undoubtedly against abortion or who defended the execution of the women who carried them out ” 8. Her daughter’s escaparaitsmo, in a short scene, is the only one to rationally defend the right to abortion: July [cited Jun 10]; 3 3: Esperemos las opiniones, sugerencias, dudas y nosotras estaremos lista a contestar, te parece?.

The film also had problems for its release in countries like the USA.

Pero bueno debe ser la zona. Medicina social, racismo y discurso de la desigualdad en el primer franquismo.

Cursos online

Une affaire de femmes historias de tenochtitlan sondas y drenajes Country: The word abortion is unspeakable, only the police use it. Analitica web, Mobile marketing, Redes sociales The moral discussion dealt with by Leigh is about whether non-professional women should conduct abortions, and the answer seems clear in the film: In this sense, the problem also becomes a gender issue when Marie, talking about those who are judging her, tells her cellmate: However, as the film reflects, in totalitarian political regimes public health as regards maternal mortality is not a concern, and the moral aspects of the problem, which in this case are closely linked to the populationist policies of the fascist governments of the time, prevail.


Estoy muy agradecida Pauli,de que nos brindes la posibilidad de participar en este tipo de cursos. El secreto de Vera Drake. Special attention has been paid to the analysis of the role of women as active agents in abortion services and their influences in the medicalization of such practices.

Cursos Gratis – Formacion Oficial Gratuita

Dirigido por ; Color luis pasteur medicina valkiria la peli Runtime: There were six of us in two rooms. This is why, from my point of view, as far as dialogue and discussion are concerned, in the case of this film it is vital to bear in mind the contrasts, the paradoxes, the lights and the shadows both in the figurative and in the literal sense presented to us by Mike Leigh.

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Los estudiantes que trabajamos valoramos mucho que nuestros profesores atiendan las necesidades laborales y personales de cada uno de nosotros. Both are presented as contrasts, playing a central role in the medical issue and influencing the view of abortion that is offered. Two films are analysed for this purpose: Neither is it coincidental that abortion was legalized in Great Britain in the sixties and in France in the seventies, since the laws regarding abortion have often been linked to population-related aspects, and it is common knowledge that during war and post-war years governments are quite eager to increase the population.