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Standard 1-line operations return to top. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. To perform the installation procedures in the following sections, you comxwitch need the following equipment:. How to connect ComSwitch to line 2 of a 2-line system using three-way adapters. One application using Remote Message Notification would allow the CS to notify you when a message is received on your answering machine. Lift the receiver of any phone device on the line connected to the CS and hang it up.

Instruct callers to press 11 to send a fax. And maybe the best news of all is that there’s no new software to load and learn. Phone Company Voice Mail: It will remain in memory until you remove it.

Lift the receiver of any phone device on the line connected to the CS and hang it up. The telephone company may make changes in the telephone network.

Command Communications Comswitch 7500 4-Port Phone/Fax Modem/Ans Machine Line Sharing Device

Connect the provided 4-wire modular line cord from a standard telephone wall jack to this port. CS Discontinued by manufacturer: Unpacking the CS return to top.

In many areas, the sum of the RENs of all devices connected to one line should not exceed 5. SinceLong Range Systems has been the leading inovator in paging systems. The CS is a 1 or 2-line device comswitc on operating mode that can be installed on any type of modular or non-modular system that consists of one or more lines, with one or more phones. This section explains how to install the CS in most phone configurations that appear in a home comdwitch office.


Command Communications ComSwitch 4 Port Line Sharing System | eBay

If your answering machine answers a call from the Comswich port, the caller can perform the following tasks:. Line two is set to a passive monitor operation for the occasional fax calls sent to the non-primary telephone number.

In this section, there are special operating notes you should read before operating the CS Therefore, it is best to purchase our products in the country in which it will be used. If you place the CS on a flat surface, do not place it in close proximity to any peripheral equipment approximately 2 to 3 feet away from all electronic equipment. Set your answering machine to answer on 2 rings.

Repairs to certified equipment should be coordinated by a representative designated by the supplier. If Call Forwarding is activated, the CS cannot process calls on that line.

A non-modular system consists of cables that are hard-wired to the telephone device and cannot be disconnected from the equipment. You can then conduct the call normally, for as long as you like.

Command Communications ComSwitch Phone/Fax/Modem Switch | eBay

Before installing this equipment, 7050 should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company. Fax calls that do not produce a CNG tone will transfer to your answering machine.


If a valid code is not received after 1 minute, the CS will disconnect the call. BZ Cpmswitch model number: Range is 1 to 99 rings. The CS allows 6 rings to the telephones before it automatically transfers the call to the FAX port. Use the REN to help determine the maximum number of devices you can connect to your telephone without eliminating their ability to ring when your number is called. Before you begin return to top.

The ComShare is no comawitch being manufactured and has been discontinued.

Restores the ring count to the Phone and TAD ports to six 6 rings after ten minutes of inactivity. Most, but comsswitch all faxes produce this tone through their auto-dial feature, speed-dial memory position, or by the operator pressing the fax machine’s start button after the number is dialed. Power Device Voltage Required. If requested, this information must be provided to the telephone company. The choice is yours.

Defines the ring burst patterns that route to a specific port on line one.

Command Communications ComSwitch 7500 4 Port Line Sharing System

If you activate 2-line operation, all subsequent programming changes must be performed from line 2 of your 2-line phone. According to standard industry practice, surge protection is recommended for use with all electronic devices.

You can install the CS into one of the following phone configurations: Answering calls with an answering machine return to top. Answer a call from any phone before the call is transferred to the FAX port.