COMELEC to Conduct Special Voter Registration for Marawi City. Resolution No. Website is maintained by the COMELEC Information Technology. Resolution No. dated 13 September entitled “GUIDELINES ON THE FILING OF CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY IN CONNECTION. RULES AND REGULATIONS ON: (1) THE BAN ON BEARING, CARRYING OR TRANSPORTING OF FIREARMS OR OTHER DEADLY.

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Undoubtedly, it is the constitutional presumption of innocence that lays such burden upon the prosecution. Office of the Ombudsman, Phil.

It would also defeat the purpose for which such ban was instituted. Petitioner alleges resolutio PSAs should not be required to secure authority from the COMELEC as RA already grants to PSAs and their security guards, watchmen, detectives, and security personnel the authority to possess, bear, carry, and transport firearms, being necessary equipment for the conduct of its business and practice of its personnel’s comelecc.

In addition, the guilty party shall be sentenced to suffer permanent disqualification to hold public office and deprivation of the right of suffrage. With respect to the validity of the checkpoint, the CA found that not only resolugion the police officers have in their favor the presumption that official duties have been regularly performed, but also that the proximity of the day the checkpoint had reolution set up, to the day of the May 11, elections, specifically for the purpose of enforcing the COMELEC gun ban, gives a strong badge of the legitimacy of the checkpoint; that after a review of the records, the evidence adduced by the prosecution prevails over the self-serving and uncorroborated claim of the petitioner that he had been framed; and, that with respect to the admissibility of the firearm as evidence, the prosecution witnesses convincingly established that the.

At the outset, although the subject of the petition is a Resolution of the COMELEC promulgated relative to the May National and Local Elections, the issue raised herein has not been rendered moot and academic by the conclusion of the elections. In fact, cpmelec routine checks, when conducted in a fixed area, are even less intrusive.


When can police make arrests? There is nothing for the court to resolve as the determination thereof has been overtaken by subsequent events. It is conclusive and binding unless shown to be tainted with arbitrariness or unless, through oversight, some fact or circumstance of weight and influence has not been considered.

On this point, the petitioner failed to present any form of such authority, and, therefore, his conviction must be affirmed. I will educate myself and others about the issues at hand so that my vote is a meaningful and relevant exercise of my right of suffrage.

Provided that when in the possession of firearms, they are: Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento earlier said the incidents may only be isolated ones and may not merit a total gun ban, which is being proposed by several groups following the violent gun-related incidents. Section 4 b32 as amended by Resolution No. Ersolution the application fee in the amount of P Newer Post Older Post Home.

Comelec mulls revising gun ban rules regarding exemptions

Security personnel of accredited foreign diplomatic corps and establishments under international law including resllution military personnel in the Philippines covered by existing treaties and international agreements endorsed by the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the heads of missions of foreign countries in the Philippines.

Romulo, 31 the Court upheld the validity of the Guidelines in the Implementation of the Ban on the Carrying of Firearms Outside of Residence 32 issued by the PNP, which revoked all permits to carry firearms outside of residence and imposed additional requirements and restrictions thereto. Under this broad power, the COMELEC was reaolution to provide the details of who may bear, carry or transport firearms or other deadly weapons, as well as the definition of “firearms,” among others.

A case or matter is deemed submitted for decision or resolution upon the filing of the last pleading, brief, resolutiob memorandum required by the rules of the commission or by the commission itself. Such failure to secure an authorization must still be accompanied by other operative acts, such as the bearing, carrying or transporting of firearms in public places during the election period. It was alleged that he permitted his security guards to carry firearms outside their place of business without written authority from the COMELEC.


Greenpeace Southeast Asia Philippines16 the Court held: The secretary, undersecretaries, assistant secretaries, and the Internal Security of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government. Comslec COMELEC is constitutionally mandated to enforce and administer all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of an election, a plebiscite, an initiative, a referendum, and a recall. No person shall bear, carry or transport Firearms or Deadly Weapons outside his residence or place of business, and in all public places, including any building, street, park, and in private vehicles or public conveyances, even if he is licensed or authorized to possess or to carry the same, unless authorized by the Commission, through the CBFSP, 6 in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution; b.

On November 29,the CA rendered its Decision, the dispositive portion of which reads: Rules and Regulations by Chief, Philippine Constabulary.

Election Matters: Gun Ban Basic Information

It merely requires written authority to bear, carry, and transport firearms during the election period. Jimenez noted that Resolution No.

resolutionn Unless otherwise fixed by the Commission in special cases, the election period shall commence ninety days before the day of election and shall end thirty days thereafter. Given the circumstances, and the evidence adduced, was the petitioners constitutional right against unlawful search and seizure violated? They were turned away by the Commission on Elections, of course.

The non-impairment of contracts clause is not violated as well.

Official COMELEC Website :: Commission on Elections

What the people are saying:. Lahat ng tao ‘ata businessman,” he said in jest. However, the petition was filed only on April 8,