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Numeric data stored in lists can be used to perform Statistics application operations.

Casio ClassPad 300 User Manual

This name will be displayed for this ClassPad each time you connect it to the PC. Integrates an expression with respect to a specific variable. Non-integer values such as those with a decimal part cause an error during statistical calculations.

Basic Spreadsheet Window Operations Hiding or Displaying the Scrollbars Use the following procedure to turn display of Spreadsheet scrollbars on and off. This command terminates program execution. The expression type that is selected cannot execute a function. Managing Memory Usage This item: To draw a circle with a center point of 2, claspad and a radius of 2 u ClassPad C,asspad Linking Trace To A Number Table Linking Trace to a Number Table This section explains how you can link the movement of the trace pointer to the values in the number table used to draw the graph.


ClassPad , ClassPad PLUS | Calculators | Manuals | CASIO

Clear the Verify window same as the Clear All command Open or save a file Main application only Majual the complex number calculation range for Verify Specify the real number calculation range for Verify Using Verify The following examples show the basic steps for using Verify.

Executing the ClrText command or using Program Loader to execute a text file clears the currently stored Program Output window. Casio calculator user’s guide fxes, fxes, fxes, fxes, fxes 55 pages. Returns the minimum value of an expression or the elements in a list. If it is, you will get a pleasant response; Table Of Contents Contents 1.

Starting Up the Statistics Application Use the following procedure to start up the Statistics application. Turn simultaneous drawing of multiple graphs on or off. This command displays the result of the specified expression or the specified text string at the specified coordinates on the display screen.

When you are not using it, always keep the stylus in the slot provided for it on msnual ClassPad.

Turns display of Graph window axes on or off. Chapter Using the Program Application The Program application comes in handy when you need to perform the same calculation a number of times. Page u u u u u mqnual Function: Turns display of the leading cursor during graphing on or off.

Character Code Table The calculation you are trying to perform has an invalid data type as an argument.


Page Input Example: This section explains how to access the windows of other applications from the Main application, and provides examples of the various operations you can perform between clasepad. Tapping the E key switches to a key set for inputting upper-case single- character variables.

Tap here to select the entire spreadsheet. While Coasspad is active, the pointer on the Graph window jumps automatically to the point indicated by the coordinates in the currently selected table cell. Anything you input with the keypad will be displayed in the edit box.

Creating A Folder Using Manual Play Using Sketch Menu Commands Page of Go. Returns the row number of a specified cell.

Drawing a exponential regression graph | Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual | Page /

Standard fractional And Decimal approximate Modes Amnual a Circle There are two forms that you can use to draw a circle.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the important information.

Program Editor Window You can use the Program Editor window to input a new program or to edit an existing program. Returns the product of the values contained in the range of specified cells.