Buy a cheap copy of Innocents book by Cathy Coote. Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of. Innocents – Cathy Coote. by 1girl2manybooks on August 29, When I was 16, I went to the local horse races for a big meeting. My best friend in high school . All about Innocents by Cathy Coote. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And if the victim is her thirty-four-year-old teacher, shouldn’t he have known better? Xathy really glad I picked it up though, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it considering it’s context and everything, but hey, I can appreciate good writing The ending, or the last two paragraphs I should say, left me in deep thought.

Her brazen honesty is shocking through the book and at times difficult to deal with, as she vividly describes her calculated vathy and the sexual acts that happen between them.

There was a cathh adding your email address. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. The book is written in the form of a letter that the girl is writing to her ex-lover to explain her side of things. The language is simplistic and innocent, beautifully capturing the image of a confused teenager masking her inner turmoil innocentz trying to be just like everyone else.


As I began writing the letter, I noticed my style mimicked hers: Of course, trying to delve into the depth of this book will result in no answers, because cootee simply is no depth. When the nameless young narrator of Innocents decides to seduce her teacher, she immediately realizes that the power of her sexuality is ijnocents than she ever imagined. I can’t recommend this as a general read, but for those interested in the subject matter of Lolita Complex or student-teacher relationship.


Aug 28, Tracy Towley rated it did not like it.

So enamored by her is he, that he quits his job, rents them a new house and takes catthy away from her life. I skimmed it, reading paragraphs here and there that interested me, and all I got out of it was sex, sex and knnocents and sex and one hell of a twisted relationship that I just didn’t care for. Innocents is basically one long sex scene interrupted by brief periods of rest.

Innocents by Cathy Coote

The book just grew on copte. Male teachers and more recently, female teachers in their 20s and 30s are being caught in cahty relationships with teenagers. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If I wanted writing this cheap, I would buy Barely Legal. My instincts were vicious, predatory, from cote start. View all 8 comments.

Well- because it left a horrible taste in my mouth and made me sick to my stomach at some points. The point of that narrative? I think the sex scenes really make the meat of the book, since the most character development happens within them. Innocents is not just a story about an affair between a student and her older teacher. This is one of caghy most engrossing books I’ve read in my entire life.

The relationship was made even further sickening by the fact the girl acted infantile and the older character seemed to revel in the caring for a young child. It’s enjoyable and the ending is not terribly tragic as the abstract would have you believe so don’t fear it.

Refresh and try again. Innocents A novel by Cathy Coote. She opened Pandora’s box. There are some relationships that just shouldn’t work. Never did she know her Darling would somehow become her escape from all that’s gone wrong. I couldn’t figure this book out. Book ReviewsCathy CooteInnocents. The Best Books of Laughter in the Dark Vladimir Nabokov.

Unlike Nutting, she didn’t manage to convince and grasp the readers. The book felt like it was trying too hard to be emotion-driven and strerile at the same time, but it just came off as a whole lot of confusing, repetitive drama that I didn’t particularly warm to.

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catht Usually such stories are fun reads because the forbidden love aspect provides a built-in tension in the story that is highly entertaining.

Audible Studios on Brilliance Audio Availability: Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 83. The norm in Western Societies is to place all of the blame on the male involved if the relationship presents itself as a male teacher and female student.

It was a novel about seduction,mani Innocents is probably one of the most complicated,intense and disturbing book I’ve ever read. It’s a great discussion book but one that I would be hesitant to recommend to the prudish or anyone who has difficulty with graphic sexual description.

Once the book gets into their relationship, it starts to taper off into less fathomable circumstances. It reminds me of an unsent letter I wrote to an old flame years ago, chronicling our relationship and the unspoken words surrounding it. But it doesn’t save the book. This book focuses on an age-gap relationship, and coming from such a thing, I was inspired to take on literature regarding this subject matter.

Forcing someone vulnerable and naive into a sexual relationship to satisfy a twisted desire is perverted, even evil.

Forcing someone vulnerable and naive into a sexual relationship to satisfy injocents twisted desire jnnocents perverted, even evil. I can’t recommend this as a general read, but for those interested in the subject matter of Lolita Complex or student-teacher relationship. Feb 03, Rj Stephenson rated it did not like it. That usually doesn’t bother me that much. What was most disturbing for me was the complete role reversal and the fact that it’s the student doing the seducing and the teacher who appears to be naive and immature.