Search in CATU catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. P1_Offshore Installations -Oct 02 At the present time, CATU Safety Equipment, including all the range of short-circuiting and. FORSOND was acquired by CATU in and gradually stood out as the In , the company merges with CATU but keeps all the specificities of its job.

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C K End fittings: A ring on spool adapts ribbon at desired length.

High quality dielectrical rubber. In case of an electrical accident, quick response is essential: Combination wrenches g Reference mm MO x MO x MO x MO x mm 4 hexagonal sockets. Anti-scratch, anti-impact and antichemical product treatments.

Adapted to the B High Voltage. The MX includes a modulator A and a receiver B. CEC mm Dimensions mm Total length g Weight MV Substation equipment Voltage detectors C Voltage detector with leds for indoor use without batteries Pivoting contact electrode enabling wire contact at any angle.

Insensitivity to induced voltages by limiting the operating voltage range. Reference AL AL mm Dimensions mm Fixing on handle; for work site Fixing on earthing cable; for immediate identification in open-type switchgears possible inscription: Enables piercing of cable insulation and shielding, earthing up to 50 kV. Chrome-vanadium steel for pin terminals 2. Probes with retractable protector with 1. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these changes.

  ISO 15848-1 PDF

Measures insulation resistance below V. As a result, they undergo various voltage, ageing, and mechanical testing. It enables to detect absence of voltage and: Wear plate placed on sole arm. Furthermore, it enables the most moist and conductive layers to be reached. Tensioning block 3 wheels. Use in wet conditions. Leather feel PVC padding.

Copper cable see above. Very high performance SRC adhesion. Translucid insulating polyvinyl tape.

| Le monde de la sécurité électrique

Fixed length sticks Use in wet conditions. Bags for insulating mats Specially designed for carrying and protecting insulating mats.

Even when in storage, a glove cannot be used without having been tested within the last six months. Cati Folding stepladder with railing Secure non-insulating platform.

Reinforced by a grid of synthetic fibre. Chrome – molybdenum vanadium steel blade. Insulating mats Adapted to High Voltage. Mobile drum on axis can be removed; processed steel rollers. An electric arc follows a short circuit. Offers adjustable emissivity functions. Reference mm g MO Burnished head.


It is used for safe and accurate installation earthing clamp and then line clamp and removal line clamp and then earthing clamp. M Carrying bag for the catalogke. Very light, ABS body.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue 2012-2013

Double crimped lugs at the cable ends. Polyamide central lug attaches to snap-hook of belt. Large pockets with a Velcro flap. Reference Characteristics g M One size Tightening velcro.

See the conversion table page 21 for the correct size based on the insulated glove.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue |

Transversal Flat bar, thickness Caru Rating Use Fitting Captive protection cap. Up to 10 m: The external battery 4-pack can be carried in a pocket or around the waist. These elements allow “long length” assemblies which can support short-circuit systems with large cross-section cables Shockproof guard and pole end cap.