Balthazar (Alexandria Quartet) [Lawrence Durrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria. The narrator’s gaze is fixed upon the past once again and so in this novel Durrell sets out to create the story over, divulging new information that. The dazzling second volume of The Alexandria Quartet—an enthralling and deeply disturbing work of gorgeous surfaces and endless deceptions. In.

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The terms are very tangible and Nessim’s endgame is anything but. These metaphysical and metafictional concerns are often associated with Post-Modernism. Really, the writing is just incredible.

Alexandria Revisited

I connect them to my past worship of Henry Miller, and I am glad to have found the books that killed the god who wrote the gospels of a good part of my youth. Tunc Nunquam You will have to make room in your thoughts for this variety of the animal. View all 3 comments. However, up to this point, at least, the Quartet is a persuasive argument that they were equally part of the Modernist project. In a bad mood, I called my editor.

As a young man, perhaps twenty, he has a love affair with the forty-year-old Leila Hosnani, mother of the brothers Nessim and Narouz. You understand what he means once you begin to get into Balthazar.


I was furious, disgusted and wounded in one and the same moment. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Miller led me to Durrell, which led to this essay.

Balthazar (novel) – Wikipedia

Each sentence and page builds upon the other to prove they could not have been written any other way. On the other hand, Time itself might be a constant or at least an invariable Truth. We revisit not just the same characters from Justinebut some of the same events.

The Other’s Love of the Self If our individual perspective can change in space, then perhaps we might also need the perspectives of other individuals to approach the truth more assuredly? Yet nobody breathed a word. For every aspect of the plot, there is a counter-plot.

There are repeats and codas. The third part, Mountolive, is a straight naturalistic novel in which the narrator of Justine and Balthazar becomes an object, i. Only Pombal remains unscathed and helps along with Scobie to provide comic relief. I so wanted that to happen. He is now living on a remote Greek island a few years after the events of the first novel.

She tried to fall back on other pleasures, to find that none existed.

The above could serve as a microcosm for both Justine and Balthazar. This site uses cookies.

To ask other readers questions about Balthazarplease sign up. I hope it will give comfort to great numbers who are passing through the world in obscurity, when I inform them how easily distinction may bslthazar obtained.


Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It might even be argued that the success of Justine is entirely lxwrence to its fulfilling the public’s expectations of what a novel is supposed to be about, and look like — although the distinct authorial voice and the stylistic magnificence had no small part to play in its enduring fascination for the discerning prose reader.

He really was the right man for her in a sort of way; but then bathazar you know, it is a law of love that the so-called ‘right’ person lawrece comes to soon or too late. As much as I want to read what Clea has to say it seems so appropriate that she has the last word.

Or perhaps you, more lasrence any of us, need to see the city again, need to see us again. I’m beginning to think Durrell is one of the great writers of the 20th century.