DOWNLOAD Logics of Worlds is the sequel to Alain Badiou’s much-heralded masterpiece, Being and Event. Tackling the questions that had. Villanova New Encounters in French and Italian Thought (Dr. Brian A. Smith, University of Dundee) The Life of the Individual in Badiou’s Logics of Worlds. LOGICS OF WORLDS. Page 1. Page 2. Also available from Continuum: Being and Event, Alain Badiou Conditions, Alain Badiou Infinite Thought.

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Much of this terminology is familiar from Being and Event ‘s theory of radical, evental change, and Badiou’s aim here is not so much to alter that theory in any fundamental way as to remedy certain deficiencies he now sees in it.

Logics of Worlds

John rated it really liked it Feb logjcs, Central concepts such as world, transcendental, atom etc assume the possibility of formal semiotics meaning-making without meaning-makers.

Long, tedious, unnecessarily complex, and not particularly convincing. Jul 23, J. Un fortunately, Deleuzean language either leads people to reject it outright as being non-knowledge, as there is no “point” by which one can make heads or tails of it, books which review Deleuze and only write about a few of dorlds concepts as though this is the great aspect that is to be gleamed or books which abandon Deleuze but are “about” Deleuze and seek to create their own immanence.

To this end, whil On the onset, Badiou’s materialist dialectic seems fairly obscure. Return to Book Page.

Logics of Worlds: Being and Event II: Alain Badiou: Bloomsbury Academic

Intelligence and Spirit by Reza Wprlds. Similarly, although the employment of Heyting algebras and the multiplicity of differently structured logics suggest intuitionist or constructivist motivations, at least with respect to the realm of appearances, Badiou emphasizes that the “transcendentals” that structure worlds are not, for him, in any important sense linguistic structures.


What is a Body?

The book discloses Badiou’s world at the time of writing, and the structure of the book as well as the copious and fascinating footnotes highlight the difference from Being and Event.

And yet, hasn’t he contradicted himself?

To a certain extent, the successes of the trade unions represent superficial changes, changes that have no ultimate consequences at the level of the relations of production and the productive forces, but these changes do have a real effect on the lives of individuals, transforming the relationship between the base and superstructure by transforming the ISAs. Tom rated it really liked it Aug 02, You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He’s hunting big game here, but he’s also engaging with a lot of different thinkers and writers. Simon Lasair rated it it was amazing Jul 19, The Categorial Analysis of LogicDover, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

For Badiou the Axiom of Choice is the mathematical idea of intervention. Chris Satoor rated it it badilu amazing May 31, Dec 12, J.


Here, as in Being and Eventwe should think of the precarious way in which a historical event, for instance, can bring into existence the worlda terms and signifiers that will subsequently provide terms for its own evaluation, and thus play an essential role in constituting it given the new terms and degrees of evaluation they imply as the event it will subsequently be visible as having been pp.

An exception to the laws of ontology as well as to the regulation of logical consequences. Their sublime ability to create complex and yet fantastically concise occult hypothesis allows them the decompose and recompose with such sheer mastery that they have forgotten the reality of their own methods. As usual, the writing sways from dense badio to sheer lyricism with ease, both captivating and taxing at once.

The connected use values of these products are what creates value for money, and those different kinds of money are in a way, different kinds of sublimated use values.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What is more interesting is that many topologies consist of far fewer subsets than the power set, producing a similar, yet coarser, structure of representation. By grasping the concepts, we can then baviou understand that mathematics is philosophical in its nature, although it is of a different kind. The materialist dialectic is an important orientation in thinking, extending many of his earlier claims in Theory of the Subject and resituating them in his modern system.

Badiou’s presentation of non-classical logic could be deepened by further engagement with the literature on paraconsistency and intuitionistic logic as well as the literature on polyvalence and dialogical logic, to name a few.

And sometimes I tend to sympathize with my colleagues who focus on analytic philosophy and their complaint though it’s not always fair that most continental philosophy is just psychobabble designed to seem profound and trick people into lauding it as the new philosophy.

The Life of the Individual in Badiou’s Logics of Worlds | Brian Smith –

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! When this quasi-paradoxical structure of the “evental site” is present, according to Badiou, it is immediately possible for it to be taken up in a variety of different ways, corresponding to different degrees and intensities of change in the world. Either a world has sufficient points such that it could support a revolutionary body, capable of incorporating the changes that an event makes possible, or it does not.

Books 2, 3 lpgics 4 fare less well. To ask other readers questions about Logics of Badlouplease sign up.