TB 5 PROCEDURES FOR SELECTION, TRAINING, TESTING AND QUALIFYING OPER EQUIPMENT/SYSTEMS, EXCLUDING. Army motor vehicle drivers and ground support equipment operators (paras and .. tained in FM , FM , TB ,. TB , AR. AR and is designed for use in conjunction with TB ,. Procedures for Licensing Operators of Equipment Managed by the U.S. Army Mobility Equip-.

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I will strive for an accident free driving record. Describe each of these incidents.

Appendix H provides information for obtaining training materials for an emergency vehicle training program. Chapter 6 Licenses 6—1. Armyy violation of traffic law —any act for which the driver could be arrested, or an act that would make the driver liable for damages in case of 60-1 accident.

Have you had any previous driving experience? Commanders will manage NVD training programs according to this regulation and other applicable publications see. Performed satisfactorily for a minimum period of one year as an active qualified driver instructor or motor vehicle examiner.

Sustainment training is preventive and helps drivers stay well informed. How much experience have you had driving a truck of 2.

Security awareness training and in-depth security training, if applicable. I will not operate any Army Motor Vehicle until I am properly trained and licensed to operate that vehicle.


driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

Chapter 7 Mechanical or Ground Support Equipment 7—1. The MDT must be, where applicable, assigned to the proper position listed on the unit modified table of organizations and equipment or table of distribution and allowances structure.

High Mobility Artillery Rocket System: Ensure the driver complies with road signs and speed limits as dictated by road conditions.

Have you ever driven a tractor-trailer combination? DOD military, civilian and contract personnel who operate Government-owned material handling equipment or powered industrial vehicles within port facilities will require the standard qualifications and training outlined in chapters two and four of this regulation, as applicable. Procedures for incorrect or missing entries are covered below. All Department of Defense DOD military and civilian personnel excluding contractors to include foreign nationals whose position requires them to operate a Government-owned or Government-leased vehicle will be selected, trained, tested, licensed, and recorded in accordance with this regulation and AR — A special purpose permit will consist of an OF or DA Form —E conspicuously stamped with the appropriate designation.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of I understand further that failure to comply with this requirement will result in disciplinary action under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.

driver’s training ncoic/license examiner

Do you wear corrective lenses or do you have any problems with your eyes? Agreements with allied armies regarding Joint employment of Amy. Prior to being issued an OF or DA Form —E, individuals must pass all physical evaluation measures listed in appendix D and successfully complete introductory classroom training.


Refer to TC 21— for requirements for tracked vehicle training. Provide guidance for remedial driver training programs.

Initial counseling statement DA Form 2. Have you ever driven a manual shift vehicle?

All MDTs must be appointed in writing. Senior commanders may delegate in writing to company level commanders the authority to conduct driver and operator training, testing, and licensing at company level. Army Motor Transport Operations. I will not operate a government vehicle unless it is properly dispatched to me on a completed DD or ULLS generated form.

For these types of errors, the gaining unit may add the missing information or line through the illegible entry and ramy the entry on the next line and initial next to the correction.

Appendix E provides requirements for commanders to use in designing training pro- grams.