In “House of Stone,” Anthony Shadid recounts the year he devoted to restoring his great-grandfather’s home in the southern Lebanese town of. Anthony Shadid. · Rating details · 2, ratings · reviews. “Evocative and beautifully written, House of Stone should be read by anyone who wishes . ‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid is a profound and poignant tale of fractured lives and a broken region.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. I appreciated his perspective. I use quotes because Shadid’s only connection to the home is multiple generations ago: Should I ask God to invite him over? And that’s basically how he loses me: Dtone for those most dear to him, he finished this book, House of Stone, before he died. Jun 24, Mary Kooistra rated it liked it.

Shadix 28, Mary rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem? When discussing Lebanese history, Shadid puts much emphasis on the post World War I redrawing of boundaries in the Middle East that complicated the nomadic career of his great-grandfather and others who roamed the area from the Houran in Syria to the cities of Palestine in their search for business and wealth.

Thank you for signing up! Gone is everything beyond your name on anthomy day of your arrival, and even that may ultimately be surrendered. We have lost the splendors our ancestors created, and we go elsewhere. I tend to underline phrases I love, and the pages are covered in ink.

The book tells two stories – of one his family’s past, and one of his own imagined future, and the both center around a graceful fo built in the tiny village of Marjayoun, Lebanon.

Aug 14, David rated it it was ok. I thought of my daughter, soon to arrive, walking up shadic steps from which her great-grandmother had departed, waiting to hear Raeefa’s songs. Shadid tells the story of his attempt to rebuild “his” family home in Lebanon.


‘House of Stone’ by Anthony Shadid

Jan 26, Jennifer Swapp rated it really liked it. These stories aren’t always i Like so many books of this genre, I feel the weight of the gesture overshadows its execution. Like Cecil Hourani, a Manchester-born ex-political fixer in his 90s.

However, his ashes were spread between the olive trees he planted, covered with his favorite tiles. There were some satisfying friendships, a few good meals, and the pleasure of restoring what Shadid hoped would be a family sanctuary.

I learned that he remarried and had an infant son at the time of his death. More from the web. Shadid had only a year for the task, and the local workmen — like workmen everywhere, it seems — were not to be pinned down or hurried.

One thing this book is not: Anthony Shadid returned to his ancestral home in a Lebanese village, finding it in ruins as the result of war and neglect. Another writer wrote, “Knowing that Shadid lost his life shortly before this book was published makes each piece of tile he polished, each plant he nurtured, feel all shqdid more significant.

Really makes the point as to the effect of ongoing conflict on the lives of those caught in the middle.

House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East by Anthony Shadid

The house itself becomes a lens through which Shadid studies the often tragic history of his own extended family, of his ancestral homeland, and of a vanished empire which, in hindsight, turned out to be worth rather more than the sum of its parts.

Get The Weekender in your inbox:. People are reminded of that every day here, where an older world, still visible on every corner, fails to hide its superior ways.

xnthony Sort tsone “a year in Province” – only a year in Lebanon To ask other readers questions about House of Anthoyplease sign up. The loss of Anthony’s voice from the world of journalism and prose is an immeasurable loss, so I hope you’ll also take time to savor the story. His wife, “obsessed with the lethal aspects” of Anthony’s career, divorced him. We also see a tentative and growing sense of finding one roots – and the chance to put down roots of one’s own.

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I have an even deeper appreciation now for the immigrant experience here. He was warm, generous, caring and had a bad temper and difficulty making choices. Almost finished with the book, I became curious about what Shadid was doing now, so I googled him only to find that he died in February at the age of 43 from an asthema attack. But House of Stone will stand a long time, for those fortunate enough to read it. I thought that was quite interesting.

House of Stone by Anthony Shadid: review – Telegraph

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He died last year of an asthma attack while reporting in Syria for the New York Times. Jun 19, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Shadid helps us understand what we are becoming.

Whadid is introspection involved. I really wanted to know more about him, Anthony the man, who was absent in this story, so was his experiences in war zone areas like Iraq and the west bank, or more interesting the time he was held captive in Libya.

Anthony Shadid, Finding Peace In A ‘House Of Stone’

Khairallah is teaching him how to care for bonsai now, somewhere in an alternate dimension. He became a war correspondent and had covered three years of war in Iraq and Baghdad. House of Stone is refreshingly clear of Frontline Club posturing, and politics only intrude in so far hokse they bear on everyday life.

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